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Victoria—the one of many girls we’ve been screaming at our television screens for Peter to SEND HOME every week, all while he ignores our cries from afar and keeps us in frustration on the edges of our seats every episode.

This season has been a train-wreck to say the least—it’s been a house of extremely catty girls who seem to get the most out of egging each other on and starting fights for no reason, (special shout out to Sydney and Tammy for that one!) I have not seen much love from anyone, other than Peter, and it’s agonizing to see what goes on behind the screens while “Sweetie Peety” sits in the dark and keeps making horrible decisions.

And as we saw the outcome of the last episode, and then there were three: Hannah Ann, Madison, and none other than Victoria.

From even before the start of the season, RealitySteve released information that Victoria had allegedly slept with four of her (former friends) husbands. Four. From my understanding and special shout out to my favorite Podcast Chatty Broads, at least two of the four have actually sat down and had interviews with the reality king, but I haven’t heard the details as I’m avoiding spoilers.

From week one, Victoria has had a tendency to break down—using her emotion and self-pity to get her way. From her awkward entrance, to the fashion show, to the tears that followed, she is always giving Peter what he wants—emotion, yet it’s got a toxic undertone to say the least.

Peter is a very emotional guy, and we can see where he gets it from. His amazing parents, Barb and Peter Senior, have clearly always been transparent with their emotions, cue “Don’t let her go, bring her home to us!”, and there is certainly nothing wrong with that. However, we can see it is the one thing Peter clings to—when Hannah Ann cries, he said, “See this is what I want to see,” to when Chicagoan Kelley didn’t cry, he said, “Is this just supposed to be fun?”, sending her home shortly after.

Next, we saw the dramatic and very produced one-on-one where Victoria’s ex-boyfriend and country star Chase Rice was the performer, where she for some reason couldn’t just take Peter aside right away and say, “Hey this is crazy but that’s my ex.” Instead, she dramatically exited of course crying, “Like, I can’t do this!” a consistent theme of this season.

But Peter is always there, re-assuring her that it will be okay, not walking away from it but instead, giving in to her emotional outbursts. That was until last weeks’ hometown episode, when frustration certainly ensued.

After Peter ran into an ex in Victoria’s hometown, she warns him about Victoria, saying, “All I’m saying is be careful with Victoria. She’s broken up a lot of relationships,” to which Peter was visibly shaken. Obviously that comment is reflective of the home-wrecker rumors we’ve heard of.

Of course being transparent about this, Peter confronts her right before meeting her family and again? She gaslights him. She makes him feel like he’s in the wrong for confronting her about it, that he ruined their night before he met her family. “You decided that what Marissa told you was more important than meeting my entire family.” And “I was literally going to tell you tonight that I was falling in love with you.”

So of course, Peter winds up apologizing for something he need not apologize for, still opting out of meeting her family. Of course she comes to his hotel room the next day apologizing and schmoozing to get the rose, and the next night? He delivers.

I pray to all things holy that Victoria does not end up with Peter. The toxicity, narcissism, and overall abusive behavior will not last very long in a relationship. The emotion in a partner Peter is looking for is valid, but he’s finding it in the wrong places. Even though Peter’s radar has been off this season, he certainly does not deserve the type of treatment he’s been getting from her.

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