Staple Pieces to Own in Your Wardrobe

I’m not sure about you guys but I get most of my fashion inspiration from Instagram and what I see people where on the streets of Chicago. I love a trend. Catch me in some adidas leggings, teddy coat and some super cute sneakers (YUP! That’s me!). I also love to keep up with what the hottest stores are to shop at.

Courtesy: Ashley Johnson

As we all know the teddy jacket has been a trend this past fall/winter season. I love the look of the teddy jacket. You can dress the jacket up or down. I love a chill aesthetic. On Black Friday this past year, Fashion Nova (of course) was having a sale. I couldn’t resist, so I bought a cute brown teddy coat. I literally feel like a teddy bear in it. A cute one at least. It’s not too heavy though which is great because I can wear it at the start of the Spring season this year and still not get too warm. I usually pair this jacket with some jeans, leggings, bodysuit or a hoodie. It’s a great piece to own in your closet because you can switch up the look whether your going to class, a brunch out with the girls or even on a date.  

Courtesy: Ashley Johnson

If you don’t own any hoodies...What are you doing? I love a comfy hoodie. Lately, I’ve been sporting my beige hoodie I purchased from Zara. This, I must say, is a game changer. With the color it is, I’m able to dress it up and even dress it down with a pair of leggings and some sneakers. The hoodie is made of cotton which gives it a comfy feel. It’s a high low hoodie which if you love oversized hoodies this is the type of hoodie you need to cop!  Since the weather has been on and off in Chicago, I’ll pair it with my brown teddy coat and a pair of black or blue jeans and some black booties or sneakers.

Courtesy: SBD

Last but not least is the most comfiest/fashionable sneaker. It’s my Converse x Comme des Garçons PLAY. I have the low top white sneakers. I bought them two years ago and wear them every now and then. For a designer to collab with a sneaker these are the most trendy and inexpensive pair of shoes I do own. Rei Kawakubo, the founder of the brand transformed it into the most successful fashion label outside of Japan. I see these shoes everywhere being in the city full of different styles. They pair well with a skirt, dress, shorts, overalls, just about anything! They are converse! The red heart gives it the unique look that makes them stand out which is why I love these shoes so much.