Space 519: A Must in Chicago to Shop and Eat

My favorite hidden gem of a place has finally been found in the heart of Gold Coast. Space 519 has all your necessities in one place: handbags, oversized coffee table books and a menu full of endless flavors.

This boutique-sized room is home to an assortment of brands, all of great quality and one-of-a-kind pieces. The products are always changing to stay up-to-date with the seasons and occasions. Face serums and home decor are just a few items that line the dainty shelves, along with a collection of photos from the runways of Chanel. You can also find an everlasting leather jacket or a cocktail dress.

Photo Courtesy Urban Pixxels

Speaking of cocktails, they have those too. Right in the center of this mini-mall, The Lunchroom sits guests all day long for coffee to dessert. Much of the food is made to order and comes out tasting even better than the smells coming from the classic white tile kitchen exposed on the side.

Emerald green sofas line the only wall that makes up the restaurant, while quaint marble tables sit in front of them. Rows of succulents in matching white marble vases sit on the glass shelves in front of both windows. The rest of the dining is made up of rich wooden gathering tables and wicker chairs. 

Photo Courtesy Chicago Business

As I couldn’t decide between the Greek flatbread and kale salad au cheval, I went with the apple, brie, cheddar grilled cheese. I had never had a warm sandwich with sweet apple butter, but it has changed the way I’ll ever make them in the future. The combination of savory and salty perfectly melted in my mouth.

Photo Courtesy Space 519

The staff all throughout the place is extremely welcoming and attentive. The head of the kitchen came to my table to make sure I had everything I needed and more, and the shopping consultants sparked up conversation and gave me recommendations.

Space 519 can definitely expect me to become a regular now. Their iced latte is next on my list, and maybe even a new pillow for my living room couch.