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Whether you’re more like Miranda, Samantha, Charlotte or Carrie, they have a drink just for you! Ironside Bar & Galley, located at  546 N. Wells St. in Chicago, opened up a pop up Sex and the City themed bar that’s open until March 20. Be prepared to have the best night ever with your girls drinking “Carrie” cosmo’s all night long. Now, guys if your girlfriend happened to drag you along this night or you want to impress your date they have drinks just for you too! Try the “Mr. Big” takes on Manhattan. Besides drinks the bar offers their Ironside menu also with food options from chicken wraps to lobster rolls.

Photo Courtesy Ashley Johnson

Walking into the bar you’re greeted with a wall heading downstairs decorated with pinks, whites and cosmo’s all over the walls. Photos of the girls and Carrie’s famous quotes from the television series had me in awe. I felt so girly and excited. Growing up, my mother always watched Sex and the City with her girls. After seeing the show, along with the movies, I couldn’t wait to head down to the bar for drinks!

Photo Courtesy Ashley Johnson

The menu called, “Cosmo Carries,” shows photos of the characters along with their drink names and what’s in them. Of course the “Carrie” Cosmo was the most popular. There was the “Miranda” power suit martini, the “Samantha” dark and lovely martini and the “Charlotte” honey appletini. I had to try the sweetest drink on the menu which was the “Skipper” is not the captain strawberry mojito. On the backside of the menu was the Ironside food options. I had to try the chicken wrap and fries which was so yummy. The drinks were so creative and tasty! I had to have more than just one!

The bar played music from Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Janet Jackson. This is the perfect spot for a night out with the girls. TV’s all around the bar showed episodes from the show. It was decorated in pinks, fur pillows on the booths, diamond rings on the tables and even trivia card games from the show. There was cut outs of the characters to take fun photos with too. Picture with Mr. Big anyone?

So like I said, guys need to impress your date? Or ladies looking for somewhere to go out for thirsty Thursdays with the girls? The Sex and the City pop up is the spot to be. It’s located near all the clubs and bars in River North in Chicago. You can get your groove on to some Justin Timberlake, play fun card games and drink “Carrie” cosmos all night long.


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