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From Royalty Back to Riches: Meghan Markle’s Baby Shower Brings Out the Hollywood Star in Her

One might think they’ve reached ultimate A-lister status once they’ve become a lead actress on a hit TV show. If you’re Meghan Markle, it doesn’t stop there.

After marrying Prince Harry in 2018, she earned the title Duchess of Sussex. Giving rags to riches a whole new meaning, Meghan went from already-rich to royalty. The red carpet she’s used to was rolled out into a new country where she had to learn how to balance two different lives, both being in the spotlight.

Her soon-to-be-born baby has especially helped bring her back to her roots in the United States. The actress still holds many friendships within the Hollywood scene, so she was bound to have a baby shower somewhere near them. Sure enough, on Feb. 19, none other than her friend Serena Williams hosted a star-studded baby shower at New York’s Mark Hotel penthouse.

Photo Courtesy Town & Country

No horse carriages, guard troops or princess waves in sight, just a lovely afternoon in the city celebrating what’s to come with people like Amal Clooney and “Suits” co-star, Abigail Spencer.

Photo Courtesy Elle

Not to mention having a baby shower is against royal rules, Meghan could not resist. She is known to be one of the most down-to-Earth royals to come into the family, never forgetting where she came from or who she came from there with.

It was an elegant party filled with food, flowers and music. The guests also took part in an activity creating their own flower arrangements which were then all donated to different charities. This speaks wonders to who the Duchess really is. Knowing she is more than capable of getting everything she wants and needs for her child, she took time out of her own celebration to do something for the good of others.

Elle reported that a Royal insider shared that the shower have Meghan a chance “to share excitement of the baby with her closest friends, some of which she hadn’t seen for some time. It was a beautiful gathering filled with love and celebration—she couldn’t stop smiling.”

Photo Courtesy @danielmartin

Her effortless beauty aside, if you saw her entering the hotel, you wouldn’t think she lived in Kensington Palace. Her style is so perfectly appropriate that she knows how to dress for each specific occasion, and dress perfectly she does.

Meghan wore a William Vintage Courrèges Haute Couture black trapeze coat with black Hutch skinny jeans underneath and nude pumps. A neutral tote by CH Carolina Herrera hung around her arm, which rested on her growing baby bump. She topped it off with oversized black sunglasses by Le Specs. Her hair was down in very loose, subtle curls. She kept it casual, yet chic—the perfect look for a gathering in Upper East Side.

Photo Courtesy Harper’s Bazaar

She looked the part of someone famous, but no unnecessary royal statements were worn, like a trench coat or silk gloves.

Meghan proved once again that she doesn’t have to life the life of the ordinary Duchess. Her roots will always bring her back to where she started out, while still getting the fairytale ending of a happily ever after with her prince— literally.


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