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If you know me you know I love girl talk and anything that has to do with celebrity gossip, hot topics as in (relationships), fashion, music, etc. There’s so many great talk shows on tv but I always thought there was never anything really honest. Compared to the Ellen Show, which is great but nothing that “spilled the tea”.  “The Real” is hosted by four women, Adrienne Houghton, Loni Love, Jeannie Mai & Tamera Mowry-Housley. They have everything I named when it came to discussions on the show along with other celebrity guests. 

One of my friends introduced me to the show and now I’m nothing but hooked. It started one day in class. I always heard her talking about the show so I had to look it up. Of course I saw who was on the show (The Cheetah girl)– who I loved in grade school was on there. I love how diverse the show is. It brings together different cultures and a great mix of emotions, advice, and nothing but REALNESS!

One of my favorite types of episodes on The Real is when the women would allow their husbands onto the show and we (the audience) would be able to hear from men and their experiences with whatever topic is was that day.

The Real Daytime is an honest show with real women and their experiences. Here’s a list of my favorite episodes: GIRL CHAT: Getting Real About a Break Up, GIRL CHAT: Why an Honest Enemy Is Better Than This, Is a Small Engagement Ring a Deal-Breaker, Would You Invite an Ex to Your Wedding?

Ashley Johnson

Columbia Chicago '20

Multimedia Journalism student with a minor in Creative Advertising at Columbia College Chicago. I have a passion for writing about fashion, music, lifestyle, and pop culture.
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