Pink Hair for the Girl with Commitment Issues

I have  always wanted pink hair. I’ve been a natural blonde my entire life, but I’ve had my hair color treated since I was 12. I’ve always liked the look of lighter hair on me, but never anything out of the ordinary - my only ventures outside of a natural tone include silver hair and ombré hair. I’ll be the first to admit it, I’ve got some commitment issues - I can barely pick where to eat dinner or what to wear to a party, let alone pick a bold hair color that I’ll have for months. And still, despite my self-proclaimed inability to make a commitment as little as weekend plans, I have always wanted pink hair.

On one of my many strolls through Target recently, I was looking for a little pick-me-up. I love fun self-care novelties like bath bombs and face masks, so I was searching for my next fix when I saw an aesthetically pleasing baby pink bottle. I grabbed it simply because I’m a sucker for good packaging, but I was even more thrilled when I realized what it was.

“Kristen Ess Rose Gold Temporary Tint,” the bottle read, and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It looked like a dry shampoo or hairspray bottle - certainly not a color treatment akin to the boxed dye in the next aisle over. My confusion turned to curiosity, and I kept reading. “For pre-lightened or highlighted blonde hair” - check! “Temporary toning” - temporary, that’s good! “Instant blush color” - okay, okay… “In shower application” - what?!

So it seems I’d found my dream product. I stumbled upon the only product I’ve ever seen or heard of that temporarily tones blonde hair to a blush color. I was ecstatic, to say the least, to give this a go!

The application is perhaps the most interesting thing about this product - it goes on in the shower, after you’ve shampooed your hair. It seems like it’s impossible for it to work, but it uses “zip up technology” to adhere to your wet hair! Like a sponge, the back reads, your hair only soaks up as much color as you want - the wetter the hair, the lighter the shade. Music to my ears - the more I can play with it, the better!

Once all of your hair is sprayed in the shower (and all of your shower tiles have a soft pink misting on them), you simply wait 1-2 minutes, condition your hair, and you’re set!

It showers out as easily as it showers on, making it the perfect go-to product for when you’re wanting to add a little color to your look - a party, a vacation or even just one cute Valentine’s Day Instagram post - but not your whole aesthetic for the next three months.

Rose all weekend, babes!