An Ode to the Notre Dame

Tragedy struck on April 15, 2019 in France. One of the countries most loved architectural beauties set aflame. The Notre Dame Cathedral was under construction and one thing led to another which led to a fire starting. As the clouds of smoke puffed into the sky like a chimney, Parisians watched in horror and the rest of the world fell silent as the news broke online. The steady flame burned down the top spire, and with it, millions of hearts all over the world. The roof collapsed next, falling in with the ashes. People all over the world began to mourn the loss of the beautiful, historic building. In an effort to thank the Notre Dame for all it has stood for, let’s take a walk back in time to think of the momentous occasions at this church.

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It was constructed around 850 years ago, beginning construction in 1160. It was filled with religious imagery, statues, tapestries, pews and more. It was intended to be the most important Catholic church in France. And it succeeded. The Cathedral has more visitors annually than the Eiffel Tower.Image result for notre dame french revolution

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In the 18th century French Revolution , many religious symbols in the church were destroyed as an act of rebellion. Angry mobs and revolutionaries stormed the building, attempting to tear it down and ruin the church. Anti-religious riots were held at the church in an attempt to drive the Catholics out of France. 2019 was not the first year to see the Notre Dame destroyed.

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In 1831, Victor Hugo, a famous author best known for his work  Les Miserables, wrote the infamous Notre-Dame de Paris- or, in English, The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Most of us know this as a Disney movie, but it is so much more. It caused a restoration of the building, as he wrote such beautiful praise about the building and it’s architecture. Nowadays, The Hunchback of Notre Dame is a Broadway musical, a Disney movie and a classic and unforgettable story for the ages.

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In the last hundred or so years, it has been a source of tourism for every person visiting Paris. Even if one isn’t religious, it is  a must-see for the Paris itinerary. It was part of the booming tourism in France- and I doubt that will change any time soon. Those who were lucky enough to see the building as it was will never forget the beauty of the stained glass windows, the bustle of people, the prayers in the pews,or the beautiful gardens.

So what does the world do now?

Multiple millionaires have pledged money to help the rebuilding and restoration of Notre Dame, which shows how much Parisians love this church. People stood for the 15 hours it burned to watch. The world was quiet that day. But, in an order to find some hope, we will be the generation that gets to witness a new chapter for Notre Dame. It will never be the same again, but it will be a new monument. Our Notre Dame.