New Avengers Trailer Dropped


The holiday season just got that much sweeter when Marvel released the new Avengers movie trailer on December 7th. We’ve been waiting for several months for any hint of what the new movie could be about. I mean, we didn’t even get the title until they released the trailer! Many people speculated what the title could be, and were right, but it was still just as satisfying to see the title slowly come on screen at the end of the trailer…


That is right everybody, this is the end game. The trailer didn’t give away too much, but it gave all of us Marvel fans a glimmer of hope for what is coming. So let’s break this down together.

First, Tony is dying, and we don’t know how he is going to get back to Earth. He ran out of food, he is close to running out of oxygen, and the last thing he does is record a heartfelt message to Pepper Potts in hopes that it will get to her. Alright Marvel, just break our hearts within the first couple seconds of the trailer. We all know that he isn’t actually going to die, but I’m guessing a big portion of the movie is going to focus on the story arc of Stark and Cap.

Speaking of Cap, HE CRIES IN THE TRAILER. Why is that necessary? Why are you doing this to me at 9 am? Very emotional short scene, but I’m sure it is nothing compared to how much the audience will be crying throughout the trailer.

“Thanos did exactly what he said he was going to do. He wiped out 50% of all living creatures” - Black Widow

Cut to scenes of the Avengers being sad, Thor sitting quietly alone, Banner going through the people that were wiped out *cough cough Scott Lang cough*, Nebula reminiscing. Then a masked man comes on screen with a sharp long object, off comes the mask, turns around...HAWKEYE. He’s back baby and he is ready for revenge. From the look in his eyes, I’m guessing that Thanos took his family and he is not giving up until Thanos is dead.

“This is gonna work Steve”
“I know it will, cause I don’t know what I’m going to do if it doesn’t”

This whole time the Russo brothers are really trying to just make us sad, and it is working. There is no hint as to how we are going to defeat Thanos, but by the looks of it, everyone is mad and ready to fight.

The new title shows across the screen and then it goes black. All you can hear is a familiar voice, is that, no, is it? IT’S SCOTT LANG. SCOTT LANG IS ASKING TO BE BUZZED IN. Cap asks if it is a recording, Black Widow says it is the front door recording. That’s the end of the trailer. How is Lang back? What is going on? He was left in the quantum realm, how did he get back? People have theorized it has something to do with time vortexes, but only time will tell.

I don’t know about you, but I am so incredibly excited to see End Game, and I am silently hoping that Nebula gets her revenge on Thanos and kills him herself. I’ll see you guys in the theaters in April!