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The people have spoken and your votes are in…

Drake is the winner when it comes to music and being in your feelings. The artist who was originally known as the kid who got shot in the wheelchair on Degrassi grew into a fine ass man who can make you second guess about calling your ex with just one album. I chose my top 3 albums along with what my followers on Instagram chose as their top three and made a list from top to bottom of our favorite Drake albums.

Take Care gave us hits like ‘Marvin’s Room,’ ‘The Motto,’ and my favorite ‘Cameras/ Good Ones Go Interlude.’ Everytime I listen to this album it brings back memories from from high school. He gave us nothing but honesty with this album and of course the emotion he brings out in these songs. With The Weeknd being featured on songs like, ‘Crew Love’ and ‘The Ride’ we get drenched with that bit of soul we need. This album won him a Grammy for Rap Album of the Year in 2013.

Nothing Was the Same was Drake’s third album he dropped in 2013. This album was No. 1 on Billboard and kept moving up. The first song released off the album was ‘Started from the Bottom’ which was released as a single months before the actual date the album was scheduled to come out. This song ended up becoming #6 on the Billboard 100. ‘Hold on we’re going Home’ was a wedding song not a rap record. “It’s me and 40 just channeling our Quincy Jones/Michael Jackson production duo,” said Drake to MTV news. Of course it’ll be played at my wedding. Along with 500 more of his songs.   

Views did well in my book. But according to a lot of others this album wasn’t on their top 3 for Drake albums. This album was nominated for Album of the Year at the Grammy Awards but never won. Now, it’s not that he didn’t deserve to win, because of course he did, but it wasn’t one of Drake’s greatest albums. This album spent more than 100 weeks on Billboard 200. It gave us a dose of Drake’s confident/cocky rapping, taking care of his loved ones and a little bit of that old Drake from Take Care of being in his feelings.

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