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Chicago’s big brother, Chancelor Bennett, aka Chance the Rapper, came from getting kicked out of school to getting invited to big award shows and making music with iconic artists and being able to say “Look at lil’ Chano from 79th…”

Here’s my list of my Top 3 favorite Chance the Rapper songs in favor of his Acid Rap mixtape being released 6 years ago!

“Lost” ft. Noname Gypsy

This song specifically, about the taboo-twisted love between two people who realize they are the ones meant to be with each other, is my ideal. The love between the two is an addiction realizing they need that chemistry and love to get lost. “I say oh oh oh ohh, you been scratchin’, you been fiendin’, I’ma fix you, I’ma f*ck you, I’ma get rid of them demons…” Kinda like a drug addict when they don’t get their fix of their favorite drug.

“Pusha Man/Paranoia” ft. Nate Fox and Lili K.

Rapping about the summers in Chicago, and having to grow up with loved ones getting killed left and right, Chance brings together these two songs where the “Pusha Man” sees Chance living his life and “Paranoia” comes along with this feeling of having to watch his back wherever he goes. “I hate crowded beaches, I hate the sound of fireworks, and I ponder what’s worse between knowing it’s over and dyin’ first…”

“Prom Night”

“You made a mixtape? Good job, I hope you get a good job…”  What makes this song special is that we all can relate to an elder or someone like a teacher or advisor making it seem like we can’t  make it when it comes to work outside of school if it’s passion based like music, beauty, social media, etc. The millennial generation are the ones who changed the game when it comes to idiots that try to tell us we can’t accomplish our goals or “that won’t make you any money” people. We’re the generation of go getters and “I’ll do it myself-ers”. Chance is an example  of that person who stuck with what he was passionate about without listening to what teachers had to say to him in school.

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