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Handbags are my favorite accessory. They are the single thing that makes an outfit. I have always been fascinated by wacky purses and bags ever since I was young, and I can always be found carrying around something new every couple of weeks, basically.

I’ve been scouring the planet for every cute and unique handbag I can lay my hands on. It’s my best personality trait. Especially with the growing trend of the mini purse, my search has become increasingly easier and more fun to accomplish. There are so many oddly adorable purses to please the part of me that has always been obsessed with small things! This post is to show off the most recent additions to my lovely collection.

Courtesy Eden Bunna.

This purse is from Super Cool Supply and was given to me on my birthday this year, April 8, after I saw it in an ad on Instagram. It is the perfect size to hold the basic necessities, including a wallet, phone, tissues (always blowing my nose, OK!), headphone and chapstick. The small size of the rubber body of the bag combined with the chunky chain makes me swoon. I love this purse. The color of it makes it easy to pair with most outfits, though it isn’t quite long enough to throw over the shoulder. But honestly, short straps are superior.

Courtesy Eden Bunna.

This purse was on sale for $15 at Topshop. While I don’t usually go there, just because I’m not super into most trends, this lil soft blue handbag caught my eye. Obviously everyone needs a round purse—this was my first. The crossbody strap comes off in order to carry the purse by its sort strap, which I love. It’s cute and sturdy and the perfect summer bag. The beautiful denim blue pairs well with most colors as well, like a favorite pair of jeans.

Courtesy Eden Bunna.

This is my very first—and very favorite—Miu Miu suede tote. I’m obsessed with it. It seems every time I use it, though, it starts to rain, and that makes me nervous to use it too often. I must preserve the beauty! I found this bag on Poshmark for a very small fraction of its original price, which is an honest blessing. It isn’t small, like the other purses in this post, but it does hold every good thing I might need throughout the day—including that notebook I love and the novel I read once in a while on the train to work. I feel like I rule the world carrying around such a luxurious piece.

I am overall obsessed with each of these purses, and I always feel that much more put together and fashionable carrying them around. I’m sure next week I will have a new one, or two. Take all my money. There really is nothing better than a cute purse.

Eden Bunna

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