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Anyone who knows me knows I can talk all day about my sisters and the nieces and nephews they have blessed me with, but I don't think I’ve taken a moment to tell them just how much they mean to me and all the things they have taught me growing up.

For those that don’t know me, I have three older sisters, we are a joined family. Before my parents got married, my dad had my two of my sisters and my mom had one. Like any family, we definitely have our ups and downs but I have been blessed to have my sisters by my side every step of the way. Let me introduce them to you.

My oldest sister, Courtney, is definitely the toughest of all of us girls (and the meanest) but we love her for it. She’s also the one I get compared to the most. Courtney has taught me how to be resilient against any adversity that comes my way. She has taught me how to be independent and if something goes wrong there is always a resolution even if that means doing it yourself. Because that girl gets shit done. And lastly, she has taught me how to master RBF and maintain an attitude 24/7. She was the first of my sisters to become a mom and when I tell you she was born to be a mom, I’m not kidding. She may have a tough shell but she's a big kid at heart, just like me.

Kristen is the second oldest, and truly my best friend. As I mentioned before we’re a joined family, Kristen was the only sister I fully grew up with considering we have the same mom. Despite us being 10 years apart, we are closer than ever. Kristen is a free-spirit which is a nice way of me saying she acts like a child. She is the definition of 31 going on 13, and I love her for it. Kristen has taught me how to be strong when I’ve had every reason to break down and quit. She has shown me how to live life for me and have no regrets. She always lightens up the mood and can make me laugh at any given moment by doing almost anything. Her random dance breaks, and adding her own ad-libs to songs when we sing in the car are moments I live for. She's a hot mess and a boss all in one.

Now on to sweet, sweet Jasmine. Jasmine is the sweetest, most patient of all of us sisters. However, her husband did tell me she may have a mean streak, but we’ll blame our dad for that one. She is the kind to give you the shirt off her back. She is also very, very gullible and it’s hilarious. Jasmine has taught me how to be kind, loving and caring. She has taught me how to see the good in people and most importantly how to forgive. She has also taught me patience, however, I have yet to master that skill.

Flaws and all, my sisters have been my support system through this thing called life and I can’t thank them enough for all they’ve done for me. My sisters are mothers, wives and my best friends.

I love you all ‘till the end,

-Your spoiled little sister Kendell <3

Kendell Ryan

Columbia Chicago '20

LA girl bringing a west coast vibe to Chicago
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