My Childhood Comes Alive: The Jonas Brothers are Back!

A six year hiatus has come to an end and all our prayers have been answered: the Jonas Brothers are back together again. The boyband that swept the nation and gave many of us in our 20’s our first celebrity crushes have returned to create music and many of us (myself included) can’t sit still.

After announcing that they were getting back together on February 28, the group of brothers released a new song called “Sucker” and let me tell you, it’s a hit. The song is an upbeat song about how when we become smitten, we are sucked into everything they do and may do things we would have never done otherwise. The song even has over 40.7 million plays on Spotify for being released a little over a week ago.

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With a twist of events, the trio also released a music video to go with the song which showed us how the Jonas Brothers have grown up with us and give a reintroduction to their band. We even got to see all of their leading ladies: Priyanka Chopra-Jonas, Danielle Jonas and Sophie Turner - aka the “J Sisters”. With extravagant outfits, a beautiful family portrait and all of this shot in a stunning mansion, it’s safe to say the Jonas Brothers want to their comeback to be a big statement. And boy, did they not disappoint.

And it doesn’t stop there. Kevin, Joe and Nick took over James Corden’s Late Late Show for the week and created a bunch of content that was fantastic for many of us freaking out over this return. From seeing a mentalist first hand to playing “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts”, the brothers came to the Late Late Show for a good time. They even made sketches like a video called “Year 2019” based off of their hit “Year 3000” and a segment on different side effects like being in a boyband and working with your brothers.

The brothers sat down with James for an interview where we found out about how Nick broke up the band and brought it back together, Kevin’s daughter Valentina wasn’t too fond of Priyanka when they first met (although she’s come around) and Joe’s takeaways from his brothers’ weddings.

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We also got to see them on an episode of Carpool Karaoke - where we got to be nostalgic with all of the JoBro’s greatest hits and even see them hooked up to a lie detector at one point in time. To round out their week-long residency of the late night talk show, they gave us the present of the first ever live performance of “Sucker”.

So with all of this information to take in and fangirling to do, there’s one question left: what’s next? Well, it was announced that Amazon and the band have partnered together and have created a documentary. They started filming this project about a year-and-a-half ago and this was actually what was the catapult for getting the band back together. While there hasn’t been a released date yet, it’s possible we might get it within this year. Let’s just hope that it’s sooner rather than later.

With this new single released, it’s safe to say we can expected new music coming and a tour, which they’ve said they’re ready for and can’t wait to play songs like “Lovebug” live again. So Jonas Brothers, tell me when you’re going on tour and take all my money. In the meaning, I’ll just have all your songs on repeat - old and new.

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