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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Columbia Chicago chapter.

Joel Nesbit has always had a passion for DJing. He wanted to share the music he loves in a whole new experience. He began by listening to dance music back in the sixth grade.

“Being on stage performing has always been a desire of mine,” says Nesbit, 21-year-old AEMM student.

He later began to expand his knowledge of dance music from the music he shared with his sister, Ashley.

After meeting Paul Van Dyk when he headlined the Globe Dance Music Festival in 2010, Nesbit began attending two to three raves per week to meet new people and enjoy the message of the music.

“The brief interaction inspired me to immerse myself completely in the culture of electronic music,” he explains. “I will always look back to those hot summers in a warehouse with 500 strangers treating each other with love and respect.”

Dedicated to his passion, Nesbit started purchasing his own equipment. He only began mixing a year ago, but he has already played on stage.

“I love seeing a crowd of strangers forget their troubles and dance with each other to the music I play,” says Nesbit. “Nothing feels better. Nothing!”


Mariah Craddick hails from the city of Atlanta and is currently a magazine journalism major at Columbia College of Chicago. Though she has a wide range of interests, her concentration and focus lies in fashion, art and entertainment. In addition to writing for HC, Mariah is also a contributing writer for the online lifestyle magazine GlossMagazineOnline. Upon graduation in 2013, Mariah hopes to pursue a career in magazine journalism and maybe even law school.