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Meet Elric Gerard Sabb

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Columbia Chicago chapter.

Elric Gerard Sabb, 26, is a talented advertising and art direction major who also dabbles in the fields of tattooing, airbrush body paint and sculpting. Yet all of his sculptures and tattooing is purely extra-curricular for him. He plans to get into advertising as an art director and focus more on web design, social media and interactive portions of advertising.

“I looked at it in terms of being able to have a job that I would be happy with and still have some sort of creative outlet,” says Gerard. “Also, to be able to support myself financially. When it comes down to it, you got to make ends meet.”

Gerard recently created a large sculpture with two demons, red and green, sitting on a ball of wire. It’s now in Shop Columbia. After being approved for the store, you can look forward to seeing his “ninja penguin” and a “murder bear,” a zombie teddy bear with bones sticking out of his head.

“My visual representation of the 1% verses the 99% are the red and green demons. The red one (smaller) represents the 99% and the green one (bigger and fatter) represents the 1%,” says Gerard as he explains the thinking behind this particular piece of abstract art. “The whole concept is that we’re all interconnected in the world. The piece of wire that’s spun in to a ball is being pulled on opposite ends of it, and the green demon, the 1%, has the upper hand.”

His theme is dark and his inspiration usually comes from randoms thoughts that he gets from conversations or through his daily travels.

“I love that there are unlimited possibilities, creating original work that I don’t see out amongst the world of arts,” he says.

Mariah Craddick hails from the city of Atlanta and is currently a magazine journalism major at Columbia College of Chicago. Though she has a wide range of interests, her concentration and focus lies in fashion, art and entertainment. In addition to writing for HC, Mariah is also a contributing writer for the online lifestyle magazine GlossMagazineOnline. Upon graduation in 2013, Mariah hopes to pursue a career in magazine journalism and maybe even law school.