Meet Alina!

Name: Alina Puente

Hometown: Born in The Dominican Republic, raised in Tampa, Florida

Major: Fashion Design   

Year: Senior 

Relationship Status? In a Relationship.

Go to place to grab a bite? Hot Woks/ Cool Sushi

What do you love about Columbia? I love the creative freedom at Columbia and the passion students bring to our campus.

What’s your dream date? Going to a show, grabbing dinner on a rooftop and ending the night with a walk along the Chicago river. 

Favorite pick up line? Do those even work? Lol.


Biggest pet peeve? When people ask questions in class that they already know the answer to. 

What’s something people don’t know about you? I don't have a middle name (people think its bizarre).

Go to fashion item? Boyfriend Jeans and low heeled black sandals

What’s your dream job? Designing for my own fashion line and starting a nonprofit that gives me the opportunity to help/transform impoverished communities through the arts. 

Favorite TV show? Royal Pains and Velvet