Manifestation at its Finest

Now call me old fashioned or whatever you want but I am someone who holds the power of manifestation very highly. While I am a religious person, I still believe in the idea of putting everything that you want out into the world and then working towards making those goals. While I do believe in a higher power and that he helps you reach your goals, I also believe that you are in charge of the decisions that you make towards your goals that you want to see.

The way that I see it, manifestation works like this: if there’s something really bad that you want - a goal to achieve, an accomplishment to have, a point in life you want to see yourself, things along those lines - you put it out into the universe as a way for this idea to be physically manifesting itself coming to you. And once you put these things into the world, with the help of you working towards that goal, it will come true.

Thinking about it sometimes, it’s a bit of a weird feeling to believe in manifestation and in a higher power at the same time. But for me, it’s what makes sense - I think all three of these can work in unison to get to the same goal: having what you want. How we get there may always be the mystery but we get there nonetheless.

Manifesting my dreams is an like an extra reassurance that I know what I’m doing, I know what I want and I know where/how I’m going to get there. I like putting it out there what I want to do in the hopes that I’m going to get there somehow - through myself, support and with some extra magic. Here’s some examples of some things of some dreams I’ve put out into the universe for manifestation I want to share that will maybe give you inspiration:

  • Work for a magazine/news outlet that I really love
  • See my byline in a magazine or a website
  • I’m going to buy my first car by myself
  • Have my first job be in the wedding industry
  • Live on a coast when I get out of college - preferably NY, CA or FL

While some of these things have already come true, others are the things that I’ve put out there most recently. No matter what kinds of dream you have - big or small - nothing is impossible. Anything that you want can be yours with a little bit of hard work and (in my eyes) having a little faith. It starts with manifestation: what do you want so badly that you put it out as your first step to get there? Start making those steps and reach your goal - you are worth it and you can get there.