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The Lady Gang: 3 Women Taking the Podcast Industry by Storm

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Columbia Chicago chapter.

Fueled by bottomless mimosas and lots of laughter, The Lady Gang consists of three powerful women in Hollywood, along with their millions of fans who they invite to join the club. Keltie Knight, Jac Vanek, and Becca Tobin host a podcast each week, along with a famous guest, where they talk about anything and everything they want. They’ve grown such a strong female empire that on top of their podcast, they now have their own reality show on the E! Network. If you like listening to (and now watching!) entertaining stories and adventures, join The Lady Gang!

Photo courtesy of The Lady Gang

The women that make up The Lady Gang are a perfect combination of hilarious, sarcastic, outgoing and intelligent. They all share one common trait, however, and that’s talent. Keltie Knight is a host on CBS’s Entertainment Tonight, along with appearances on Project Runway and The Talk. Through her work as a memorable television personality, Knight has won an Emmy Award, which she will make very clear that the other two members haven’t. She brings a lot of the humor to The Lady Gang and isn’t afraid of letting loose on what she says or does. Jac Vanek is the CEO of her own clothing brand, Jac Vanek. Seen on celebrities like Cara Delevinge and in stores like Topshop, she creates shirts with sassy sayings on them to make a statement for any mood you might be in. Vanek is the very cute and stylish girl next door and has endless advice to give, particularly men. Becca Tobin is a singer, actress, and dancer, best known for her role as Kitty Wilde on FOX’s “Glee.” She also launched JuneMoss.com, a blog inspired by her grandma June and Kate Moss, naturally. On top of it all, people recognize Tobin as being extremely sarcastic and a bit of a smart ass, which she admits herself. Her large range of experiences gives a lot to offer for The Lady Gang, including connections with many familiar faces in Hollywood. These three badass women make The Lady Gang irresistible to listen to and watch and wouldn’t be what it is today if it were any other way.

Photo courtesy of The Lady Gang

The podcast’s key to success is being open and honest. Knight, Vanek, and Tobin make it comfortable for any guest to share their most embarrassing moments, as well as their proudest ones, from childhood to stardom. When it comes to these three, it’s all about everyone supporting anyone through both their imperfections and successes. With guests like Lea Michele, Sutton Foster, and Michelle Williams, you get an inside scoop to their unfiltered life as they sip on bottomless mimosas (yes, they actually have them during every podcast) in loungewear and no makeup. Don’t forget to subscribe and listen to the podcast through PodcastOne or iTunes. Just pour yourself a drink and it feels as if you’re sitting on the couch, socializing and laughing right along with them.  

Photo courtesy of The Lady Gang

Expanding outside the podcast world, they have now tapped into a new industry of entertainment: reality TV. It’s not every E! show that you get to see what really happens off camera in celebrities’ lives, but they went out of the box, and out of their recording studio, and made it possible. Their show premiered on E! on October 28 and introduced viewers to who they really are. We now get to see their faces and reactions on our televisions every week. The podcast will still continue to be made, but the show dives into a little bit more about the everyday lives of the three women, still with a few special guests to keep each episode new and exciting. The show features them gossiping at a table about all things pop culture and playing games like “Desert Island Dick.” It also cuts into clips from previous days of fun things they did or cool places they went. Tune in every Sunday at 10:30/9:30 CT if you just can’t get enough of them, and keep the bottomless mimosas going.

Photo courtesy of The Lady Gang

It may seem as though these women never stop working, and it’s probably true. In addition to entertaining us audibly and visually, they also have a delivery product called the Ladybox that comes full of goodies. When you subscribe, you’ll receive your own box full of The Lady Gang’s favorite items, from makeup to jewelry to accessories.

Here’s to the first ever season of The Lady Gang show and many more of the podcast. They are always encouraging other women to be independent and true to who they are, so see how three of the most entertaining celebrities are attempting to do this for themselves every day.  

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