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Yeah, that’s right, it’s finally spring break! 

Now if you’re like me, then you aren’t packing your suitcase to go to Mexico filled with cute Instagram pics, getting drunk on margaritas and fruity drinks, or laying on warm sunny beaches.

No, if you’re like me then you’re packing your duffel bag for the “luxurious” Midwest…instead of cute Insta pics, I’ll be laying in my Barbie sheets I’ve had since I was 4 years-old and binge-watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Insta stalking my crush.

Instead of margaritas, I’ll be sneaking my mom’s wine after they’ve gone to bed at 8:30 PM and I’ll look through my old yearbooks…not very glamorous if you ask me.

I’m kidding! I have gathered a few fun ways you can actually have a good staycation in your hometown in the middle of suburbia. Yeah, it won’t be as tropical but you can still make it very relaxing.

  1. Binge Watch Something

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Since your friends are all going out of state, you don’t have any homework, and you don’t ideally want to spend every waking moment with your parents, binge-watch a tv series or movies. I’ve been watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians and I’m feeling very connected to Kourtney if you were wondering.    

2. Have a Spa Day

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Buy some mud masks, get a bubble bath ready, borrow your mom’s fluffy robe, burn some candles, and if you want to be extra, slice some cucumber. It may not be as good as a spa day at a fancy resort, but it’s in the comfort of your own home and it costs basically nothing.

3. Go Shopping

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EVERYTHING IS CHEAPER IN THE SUBURBS THAN THE CITY! Take advantage of that and the fact that you don’t have to pay seven cents for a bag! Plus spring fashion is on the shelves and you should probably update your look while you’re out.

4. Be Nostalgic

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Since you’re in the room you grew up in, why not take it back to those good ol’ days when all you worried about was getting a Tiger Beat magazine with Miley Cyrus and Jonas Brothers posters included. Remember trying to figure out which one you were going to put up on your wall?

*heavy sigh*

I recommend listening to a 2000’s girl playlist on Spotify, cranking it up, grabbing your brush as a microphone and giving Lizzie McGuire a run for her money.

You can even recreate “Come Clean” in the shower.

5. Drive Around  

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Since you don’t have to deal with Chicago or its traffic, and you now actually have a use for your driver’s license, get in the car and drive around your small town.

Go get your nails done or go to Target and roam the aisles for cute things you don’t need. And while you’re there, you could even run into a person from high school who works there and feel better about yourself because at least you’re not stuck in this town. That’s always fun!

And if you really want to feel better…

Drive by your high school and flip it off because those were the worst 4 years of your life.

6. Take Day Trips

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Either with your family or friends, make a trip out to that cute antique mall or that cute burger place in the middle of nowhere Illinois. Getting out of your house will feel nice and plus you might find something new.

7. Bake

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Feel like Taylor Swift (minus the pettiness) and bake a lot! It will pass the time that you would’ve used cyber-stalking your ex so why not?

8. Spend Time With Family

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Yeah, it’s weird being back home under your parents’ control but they love you! Your mom may constantly ask you about your non-existent love life but it’s only because she cares. Leave your room for a bit, watch a movie or just sit and talk. After all, they are the ones paying for you to not be stuck at that Target, so you kindaaaaa owe them.

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Yeah, it’s not Cabo but it’s home! What’s more comfy and relaxing than being at home? Yeah your parents go to bed way too early but then its your time! Drink some wine, watch a movie and enjoy. It’s only one week and soon you’ll be back to the stress.

Just promise me you won’t download Tinder and have awkward car sex with your high school crush that still lives in his parent’s basement..that’s a reminder for myself too.

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