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Cheating (v.)

2. be sexually unfaithful


Not all minds think alike. Everyone has a definition of cheating, and there’s no universal line to cross. I had a recent conversation with my boyfriend about different degrees of a scenario and what we both consider to be cheating. Our conversation went a little like this:

Me: “So if I’m at a party, and I’m super drunk and I kiss a girl, would you get mad?”

Him: “No, not if you just kiss her. If you make out with her then I’ll be upset.”  

We went through a couple of these different scenarios all with a slight differences saying what would push us over the edge. It was interesting to see my personal limits and how define cheating and I wanted to explore this. So I took my curiosity to the only place I knew: Buzzfeed quizzes. Buzzfeed has a popular poll quiz named, “Do You Share the Same Opinions On Infidelity As Everyone Else?”  The list a few different situations and you choose whether you think it’s considered cheating or not.

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I wouldn’t consider this necessarily cheating. I wouldn’t be mad if I saw that he hasn’t deleted a dating app, but that does look very suspect. Do us all a favor and just delete the app, you have no reason to use it anyway, right? The results were almost split with 59 percent  people saying that it’s cheat and 41 percent of people saying that’s not cheating with over 135,000 votes.

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This to me is 100 percent not cheating. I would put this in my perspective, if I was posting such pictures I would want my partner to support me and hype me up and vice versa. If my partner wants to post sexy pictures of themselves, go right ahead. That’s my man y’all. 74 percent of people agree with me and 26 percent do not with over 130,000 votes.

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Again, this is not typically cheating but I personally would feel so offended if my partner did not address me as his girlfriend. Now, this is very situational to each relationship, some start out as friends so it only makes sense to stumble on words if you just started dating. But, if you’re four months into a relationship and he’s calling you one of his homies then he’s most likely hiding something, or someone, from you. The voters are on more of the cheating spectrum with 66 percent of the votes going for cheating and 34 percent of the votes saying that it’s not cheating.

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No question, this is cheating. When you think of infidelity this is the epitome of it. No one deserves to feel like they’re not worth it. It’s so much more than just having sex with someone other than your partner; it’s the lying and the hiding.

Point is: DON’T CHEAT. Everyone has different standards, make sure you talk to your partner about your limits and what you expect out of your relationship.  

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