Grammy Awards 2019: Best and Worst Dressed in Pink

More than the music awards, the Grammys are a fashion show, and the red carpet is the runway. On Feb. 10, the 61st Annual Grammy Awards were hosted in Los Angeles, once again, and while some stars who walked were bold and exciting with their looks and experimented with color and grandeur, others were either overstimulating or just bored.

I enjoyed reliving the ensambles, post the night of the show, thanks to Vogue, and I was shocked at the amount of pink on the red carpet this year. Here are some of the looks from the night:

Millennial Pink

Courtesy Vogue/Vogue/Vogue

With the end of Millennial Pink in sight, few celebrities pulled off the color, while some just...didn’t have it.

That said, Cardi’s flowering ensemble was exuberant. If anyone could pull that dress off, it is her. She deserved all the attention she received for it, as well. It’s huge and attention-grabbing and honestly gorgeous on her. The shape is unique and represents her well—blooming into the successful star she is, winning the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album for her album “Invasion of Privacy.” Love that for her.

Kylie’s jumpsuit contraption makes me uncomfortable and also makes me feel super constricted, and I’m not even wearing it. I wonder how she felt—doesn’t seem great by the looks of her expression on the red carpet. Though, everyone else seemed to be impressed solely due to the fact that it’s so unlike her to wear something like it—as if that makes it better? I think maybe the gloves and sleeves are the part that confuses me the most. Is it all one piece? I still haven’t been able to move on from this.

As for Katy, it was unfortunate, to say the least. She tried, per usual, but I feel like she just doesn’t know who she is anymore. Always trying out new looks and personas and aesthetics, this dress is one huge, puffy mess that frankly looks like a frosted birthday cake. I’m unimpressed, yet again. Sorry, Katy. I still miss your bright wigs and edible clothing phase.

Soft Pink

Courtesy Vogue/Vogue/Vogue

These three went for the softer pink. It’s a nice shade. There was a generally elegant and put-together vibe going on, but nothing was too exciting, really.

Post Malone wore a…….jacket with jeans? I’m sort of confused as to what I should call this, but it doesn’t look...bad. It just looks like something he would wear. That’s fine. It’s semi-dazzling, fitting for the awards ceremony. Sort of country meets bling bling. The color makes the whole thing—any other color, and it wouldn’t have had the same impact.

Country Queen, Kacey Musgraves, looked like an actual princess in this delicate blush gown for her night winning four Grammys, including Album of the Year, Country Album of the Year, Country Song of the Year and Country Solo Performance. Yeehaw. Dreamy and simple.

Hit-Boy wore a simple pink blazer, but it was sharp, nonetheless. I love any fit that has black involved, but it really wasn’t much to be surprised by, and the pink is probably the only reason it stood out as much as it did.

Hot Pink

Courtesy Vogue/Vogue/Vogue

A few artists wore hot pink on the red carpet this year. I’m not really a fan of this shade of pink, well, ever, because if used incorrectly, it just ends up looking like a hot mess.

Camila Cabello was really the only one out of the three who didn’t look borderline cheap and who stayed within this century’s general fashion laws. Her gown was relatively elegant and sophisticated, and the simple silhouette paired well with the shimmery, beaded fabric. Stunning, and frankly, very expensive-looking.

All I can think about when I look at Nicolle Galyon in that dress is when did the full-blown ‘80s come back? Her shoes are cute. But the dress—with the color that it is—is just too much with the wide, padded shoulders, the draping on the front and the long sleeves, as well as the rest of the twists and tucks. It’s overwhelming.

Etana’s look for the night wasn’t the worst thing to happen, but the satin was too much as pants—some other fabric would have worked better for this look. The razzle-dazzle on the top and mid-section combined with the other details, like the sleeves and tail, make it look a bit too much like a prom dress...also from the ‘80s. It borders on costumey. (Though, we totally stan her decision to support local female designers and choose the color pink and to wear pants, rather than a dress, in order to challenge the patriarchy.)

Pink has honestly had its time in the spotlight, but it has been exhausted to the point where I just want to stare into a pitch-black abyss for a few hours until I forget what color even looks like. But this awards season might be the last we see of Millennial Pink, specifically, at least for a while (apparently, purple is stealing the spot as the upcoming trendy color). Until then, I look forward to seeing all of the looks at the Oscars next Sunday—the less pink, the better.