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In less than 30 days we will be entering a new decade, 2020. For a lot of us, I’m sure we’ve dreamed about the year 2020 we all had our predictions of flying cars, holographic assistants, and basically we imagined having our very own Pat from Disney’s Smart House. 

Unfortunately we have yet to see our imagination come to life. I mean we have Teslas and Siri, but the fashion over the last few decades have made the best.

If you were born in the late 90s like me, we have experienced a lot of trends in the last 20 years. Low-rise jeans, wide and flashy belts, glasses frames from Hot Topic, long tunics over jeans, tiered mini-skirts, and lets not forget the iconic Juicy Couture tracksuits. This list doesn’t even cover the unforgettable trends and looks over the last decade. I’ve rounded up some of the top fashion trends we’ll never get from the past 10 years. 

We all know fashion is evergreen and almost everything has done before so there was no surprise crop tops made a comeback from the 90s and just never left. I don’t see them leaving anytime soon either, they’re an easy go-to shirt with jeans, leggings or skirts. 

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The next one, and my personal fave is athlesiure. It has defined the 2010s and it has been impossible to avoid, over the past 10 years it has been chic to wear sneakers over heels, even bringing back sneakers like Fila, Converse, Cortez and A1’s. Wearing sweatpants over jeans, loose t-shirts and hoodies over more confining tops. 

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On the same athlesiure tip, “dad sneakers” have rocked the fashion world. From the traditional Nike Airmax’s to designer sneakers chunky, old-school sneakers unexpectedly became stylish. The term of “dad-sneakers” was established because, well, in the early 2000s your dad would most definitely wear them to your softball game or to run errands. 

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Lastly under this category, biker shorts. I still question why these became a trend, but I must admit I am guilty of adopting this style. Biker shorts have transformed from an athletic functionality to an aesthetic. Bike shorts can be paired with sneakers, heels, sweatshirts or crop tops. 

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 Stepping back into the 90s, tiny sunglasses have spread fast across the fashion scene. In the early 00s the bigger the sunglasses the better, also the rounder. Now we’ve moved from purposeful sunglasses to ones that are so skinny and narrow they barely cover your eyes, but hey they’re cute. 

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Lastly the popular ‘mom jeans,’ taking it further back to the 80s, the popular high waisted jean. In the mid 00s this trend blew up and became and still is one of the biggest trends of the decade. Denim jeans used to be skinny, tight, bright and colorful, but in 2010 the opposite occurred. Instead of tight restricting jeans mom jeans are usually high-waisted, baggier, and give off a vintage vibe that fashion consumers have eaten up. 

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Now, this list doesn’t do the last decade justice, and I purposefully left out the cringing trends most of us would like to forget. I’m excited to see which trends die out or which ones live on in 2020. 

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