Everything You Need in Your Fall Starter Pack

Autumn is OFFICIALLY upon us now - so it’s time to change out all those swimsuits for sweaters and bring in the new season. The transition can always be rough, so here’s everything you need to start the fall season off right.

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1. Sweaters, Sweaters, Sweaters!

It’s going to start to get colder, so you need cute sweaters. Go for a staple color that you know you can dress up or down with the other wardrobe you already have in your closet. For example: have a brown sweater in your closet that you can pair with ripped jeans and sneakers or dark denim and heels - that way you have something for every occasion. Also, try to have a variety of sweaters(thick and thin) for days when it’s a little breezier than others.

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest     Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

2. Sultry Eyes or Lips

If you’re a fan of the “soft and sexy” or “smokey” kind of makeup looks, then this is the time to put that blending to use. Dark, vampy lips and blown out eye looks are perfect this time of year. Fall leaf colors are the perfect inspiration for makeup looks, so whip out the plums and the purples, the browns and the oranges.

Tip: if you’re doing a smokey eye, pair it with a nude lip; if you’re doing a bold lip, keep your eye look simple.

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3. Hot Drinks

We always need to stay warm, and trading in your iced latte for a hot one is one way you know its about to be fall. Many people are going to reach for the pumpkin spice latte for fall, but my favorite drink for fall is a caramel macchiato with whipped cream from Starbucks - it’s delicious and keeps me nice and toasty. Not to mention that they look great in photos or part of an outfit Instagram pic.

           Photo Courtesy of Pinterest   Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

4. Boots

Boots are a MUST for the fall season. There are so many options that you can pick from: short, tall, rain boots - whatever suits your style. These are not only going to help you keep your feet warm, but they look really cute and they can help easily help you elevate any look. Start with a black or a brown boot of your choice and expand from there. You don’t need to own EVERY style and color of boot or bootie, but pick something that you’re going to get the most use out of it and then keep searching.

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5. Leggings

Leggings are a staple in my closet as soon as the 80 degree weather is out of sight. They are great to pair with almost ANYTHING- sweaters, long cardigans, sweatshirts, need I go on? And you don’t have to stick to the traditional all-black leggings that you see all the time. You can also find gray or navy blue leggings and pair those with an outfit to help spice up your closet and create different looks.

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6. Candles

I love candles this time of year to make my home smell nice and cozy. Candles are a must for me when it comes to fall and I love having a good scent waft through the air. I always buy my candles from Bath & Body Works- my tried and true. They always have the best selection and I love how you can get a matching lotion or perfume, if you so choose.  

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7. Books/ Entertainment

This is a broader topic but an important one. Is there anything better than cozying up in your favorite blanket with a good book or your favorite movie/tv show? I can’t think of anything. If you are BIG on Halloween then it’s time for the classics like, Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown and Twitches. If you’re more of a page-turner than reach for whatever is on the shelf and snuggle up and relax.

Tip: you can also set a glass of wine out for you if you’ve had a long day. You deserve it.