Everything You Need to Know About Fashion Week

If you love to keep your ‘fit on point, then Fashion Month has most likely taken over your newsfeed. You can now watch designer shows live through celebrities’ and/or bloggers’ Instagram and Facebook pages. We see every designer’s upcoming collections right away, which makes it easier for us to make trend predictions.

It might seem like Fashion Week is just an event for celebrities and people famous on Instagram to show off their style and give us a play-by-play through their stories. Some of the things we might catch ourselves asking are why does it exist? Who gets to go? And how they even decide what to wear?

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A little Fashion Week history…

Eleanor Lambert, a fashion publicist, founded New York Fashion Week in 1943. Paris Fashion Week followed in 1948, Milan in 1958, and the more recent London Fashion Week started in 1984, thus creating Fashion month. When Fashion week first started, it used to be only open to buyers, but eventually, it turned into a media frenzy that had everyone wanting to attend this glamorous event.

Are all the shows the same but in different countries?

Nope. Every country has its own style! New York is more about street style and ready to wear clothing. London is edgy, and their designers like to experiment. Milan is sexy and sophisticated. And last but not least Paris is all about Haute Couture.

So… What is Fashion Month?

Fashion month happens twice a year in the major fashion capitals of the world. Fashion Month starts in New York City, then London, followed by Milan, then ending in Paris. Fashion Month is held ahead of its release next season for buyers to preview the collections for their stores.  

Who gets to attend the shows?

Most fashion shows you have to be invited by the designer, that’s why a lot of celebrities attend. If you’re part of the press, you can get a press pass. Bloggers and people with huge amounts of followers on Instagram attend fashion shows through PR agencies. Collaborations are HUGE with bloggers and brands are always looking for a way to promote themselves.

How do people who attend the shows pick their outfits?

You will most likely see the people you follow on Instagram having multiple outfits a day depending on what shows and events they are going to. Typically, Fashion Week attendees dress for the weather, yet try to showcase a piece of the designer’s work, all while staying on trend. Usually, attendees have stylists to help them pick the perfect outfit. Talk about stressful.