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Devil, But Make It Fashion

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Columbia Chicago chapter.

Miranda Priestly said florals were “groundbreaking” for spring, but this fall, I wanted an even more groundbreaking costume for Halloween.

While watching Devil Wears Prada for the third time in a week, thanks to E!, I finally came up with what I would be. Putting a twist on the traditional devil costume, I decided to add touches of Prada to represent the literal name of this classic movie.

Even though it’s centered around the haute couture brand, I aimed for this costume to be inexpensive and for me to be able to incorporate the pieces into my regular wardrobe after the holiday. And most importantly: fashionable, as I’d be embodying one of the most iconic fashion movies.

The full head-to-toe look came together perfectly with strategic planning and shopping. I recently went to a blogger closet sale, where influencers sold their wardrobe to the public at a fraction of the original price. I found a black bustier corset top which I had been wanting in general for nights out. The latex material it had instantly gave me the idea to use it for my costume as well. I scrolled and scrolled on websites for red pants but couldn’t find just what I wanted, which I didn’t know what that was but would know when I saw it. I finally went to Akira to browse their sale section where you can always find something spontaneous. Everything was buy one, get one for $5 so I figured I would benefit most by picking out an item that I want for everyday wear, then the $5 piece would be the pants. Although I had the vision of wearing red pants in my head, black biker shorts with small silver gems placed all over caught my attention. It made sense to buy because they really glammed up my outfit to fit the theme, not to mention I love wearing biker shorts on a daily basis.

The best part about the bottoms I chose are it allowed me tryout a new trend that I’ve been wanting to wear: biker shorts with thigh-high boots. I think it looks so chic and I’m always into the contrast of casual and dressy elements. I already own black heeled ones so it pulled the look together without having to splurge on new shoes (which I’ll save for another day, of course).

To complete the devil’s fit, I bought red wings and sparkly red horns at the craft store Micheal’s. I had seen that all of their Halloween decorations were 40% off so I went in and browsed for the fun of it. I somehow got lucky and found the exact details I needed. I also already had white glitter letter stickers shoved in a drawer which is how I spelled “PRADA” across my top, without breaking the bank on an actual designer shirt.

I know Miranda would be proud of this costume and better yet, the fellow secretary would be jealous. That’s all.

Ally Stegman

Columbia Chicago '21

aspiring magazine writer with a passion for pop culture and fashion