Cute Hairstyles for Short Hair

As you all know I shaved my head last March, and my hair is growing like a champ.

Although I’m having a great time with my hair cut, I’m having a lot of trouble figuring out how to style it. So, I have compiled a list to help out all of the short-haired cuties out there that have been struggling with the experience.

1. The All Natural

    This is as easy as it sounds, just wake up in the morning and give your hair a little zhoosh. Boom, you are good to go.

2. Headbands

Another easy option, all you have to do is throw on a hard headband or a thicker one and you are good to go!

3. The Twists

Split your hair down the middle. This one is sort of like braiding but with a twist. Take two pieces of hair on one side and twist them together, continue to add hair into the twists like a french braid until you get to the end. Cute, easy hairstyle.

4. The Miley Cyrus

Grab two hair ties and split your hair down the middle. Pull each side up into a tiny bun and there you have it! Don’t be afraid to rock it.

5. The Justin Bieber

Pull all your hair down in front of your eyes, then, sweep it to the side. Who is that looking back at you? 2012 Justin Bieber? No, that’s you, ya cutie.

6. The Coconut Head

This is the same concept as the previous one, but leave your hair straight down in front of your eyes.

7. The Mohawk

Grab your hair gel and go at it. Pull all of your hair up toward the middle of your head. It’s basically giving yourself a high five with your hair in the middle, then pull up. This is a style that will turn heads for sure.

8. The Superman

Keep your hair gel out, and slick all of your hair back. Then, take a small section from the front and twist it into a curl, kind of like a hook.

9. The Alfalfa

You will need a lot of gel for this. Split your hair down the middle and slick your hair down. Next, take a small section on the top of your head and spike it straight up.

10. The Baseball Cap

This one is a doozy. Grab a big section of the front of your hair and slick it out, parallel to the ground. Your hair will have the illusion of wearing a baseball cap, but it’s just your hair.

11. The Three Points

This one is a variation of the Superman, but you will have three sections gelled down on your face. Instead of curling the pieces, they will just be pointed down.

12. The Flapper

This one is for a fancy night out. What you want to do is feather your hair on the sides and bring them in towards your face. Each side will be curved up, like the photo above.

13. Wings

Slick back the hair on the top of your head, but stick out the sides of your hair, pretty simple.

14. Twist-up

Take four pieces of your hair, one on each side of your head, and two on top. Get a lot of gel and twist them so they are sticking straight of your head. Then you are done.

15. The Electrocuted

Fill your hands with gel and slap it on your head. Go crazy. Stick all of your hair up and do what you want. Just make it look like you were electrocuted and that’s how your hair looked afterward.

I hope all you people with short hair can use these styles in your everyday life. They are simple and easy to manage. Don’t worry about what people will think, because you do you!