Campus Celebrity: Diamond Brown

Name: Diamond Brown

Major: Journalism

Concentration: Magazine

Year: Junior/Senior

Hometown: Washington D.C.

(photo/Brittany Brown)

If you climb the first flight of stairs in the 33 E. Congress Building and take the door to the left- you may meet this week’s Campus Celebrity at the front desk in the journalism department.  

Diamond Brown is pursuing a journalism degree with a concentration in magazine. She hopes to work for an online publication, such as The Huffington Post, writing opinion pieces or focusing on entertainment. Originally from Washington D.C., Brown is now a Junior/Senior, and lives in Chicago. Along with working in the journalism department as a receptionist, she recently concluded an internship with Cards Against Humanity.  

As of September 2015, Brown started “Campus Curls”, a blog about natural hair. After getting her own hair cut short, she was inspired to write about her experiences and tips for maintaining natural hair. With class and internships maintaining a blog is difficult, but Brown took up Columbia’s blogging class to keep herself on track. She wanted to create a blog young women with natural hair could relate to:  

“When I would read blogs about natural hair, they wouldn't cater to me. It would be like, that single older woman who has the time to travel the world, go find a man/woman or go make some kids. I don’t have time for that, and I’m on a budget.”

You can read more from Diamond Brown at