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Hannah B? You’ve got to be kidding me.

Now ladies, as a forewarning this article does not approve of this upcoming seasons choice of the Bachelorette. Therefore, my apologies if you actually wanted Hannah B. to be the next Bachelorette and this article offends you. I’m in a saucy mood.

On Tuesday’s second-part finale of the dramatic end to Colton’s season, so many emotions were rolling through my mind. Colton and Cassie ending up together, without an engagement; the incredibly random choice of the band Air Supply from the ‘80s they danced to; and finally, the announcement of the next Bachelorette.

Hannah Brown. Alabama Hannah. Hannah Beast. But why?

If I thought any beauty queen would be reaping the title of the Bachelorette it would be Caelynn. She’s poised, well-spoken and her personality trait isn’t adding “Roll Tide,” to the end of her sentences. Whether you’re a fan of Caelynn’s or not, you have to give that to her.

While Hannah seems like a sweet and awkward gal, I just do not see this going well for her. From her first date with Colton that almost got her sent home, the poor girl does not have a way with words. So, how do the producers expect her to take on the roll that includes doing A LOT of important talking?

After it was revealed that she’s our new gal, she came onto the stage in a beautiful red gown, grinning with all her teeth as beauty queens do. Yet, every question our Dad Chris Harrison asked was followed by extreme second-hand embarrassment at the awkward and unfinished sentences she uttered back.

As a result, twitter was ruthless. Here are some of my fave tweets that had me rolling.

One user, @namjoonaction said my feelings clearly:

Courtesy: @namjoonaction

Another by user @ashhhjayne (a fave meme of mine for sure)  

Courtesy: Twitter @ashhhjayne

Courtesy: Twitter @lyndon_lewis

Now don’t get me wrong, even though I’m shocked and yes, disappointed at her being the pick, it’s STILL The Bachelorette. You all know I live for this show, so I’m still going to be watching. And even though I think it’s going to be a hot mess, I wish her the best of luck.

Olivia Deloian

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