6 Thoughts Every Girl Has When Wearing Heels

1. High on Heels"I'm early enough to grab a coffee, my gloss is fresh, and my heels pull this whole outfit together- and give me a little confidence boost. I've got this. This is my day."2. Everyday Affair"What am I always complaining about? This sh*t is easy! It's been three hours and I feel amazing. I am going to wear heels everyday from now on." *Immediately orders three new pairs from Aldo*

3. Pinky Toe Panic"Ohh so this is what I was talking about. This isn't too bad, just a little pain. I can do this, only five more hours to go!"*sits in chair and takes shoes off under desk*

4. Too Numb to Notice" I genuinely think I've lost all feeling. That's good... I guess? It is, it's definitely better." *pops feet back in shoes and stands up*5. The Journey Home"I don't understand why we need to be walking so fast. I get that I'm walking at the pace of an elderly turtle, but this is literally kiling me"6. Home Sweet Home"I am never doing this to myself again. Who am I kidding? Those new pumps just shipped. Ahh, the joys of being a girl.