6 Curly Hair Tips to Survive the Winter

Curls are already unpredictable and the harsh Chicago winters are not helping. As temperatures drop, curly hair needs special attention. Taking care of curls is already time-consuming to say the least, and to have all that detangling and styling undone and wasted as soon as the wind picks up is frustrating. But, don’t you dare pick up that flat iron because I have 6 helpful tips and tricks to keep your curls healthy and thriving this winter.


1. Sleep on Satin

The easiest step is to upgrade your pillowcases! The smooth fibers will prevent breakage and frizz while you’re rolling around on your curls. I recently got mine from Amazon for around 10 bucks and it was definitely worth it. Curls are already prone to breakage and the colder temperatures can increase dryness putting them in a more fragile state.


2. Try the LOC Method

Several beauty bloggers rave about the LOC method and I must say I love it! The L stands for leave in, start with your hair wet of course and grab your fave leave-in-conditioner, I recommend Aussie 3-minute Miracle ($4-5), doesn't break the bank and a little goes a long way. Follow that step with the O which stands for oil. Any hair oil will do,but  you can never go wrong with old fashion coconut oil. Lastly, the C stands for cream, I was recently introduced to the brand Maui and I absolutely love it. I use the Maui curl smoothie, you can get it at any Target or Walgreens for about 10 bucks and like the Aussie leave in a little goes a long way.


3. Do Your Hair in the Shower

Sounds crazy to do your hair without a mirror, I know. But I recently got a DevaCut and my stylist said the steam from the shower actually locks in moisture quicker! Adding steam to your routine also helps your product penetrate deeper into the hair. As soon as I tried this I saw a huge difference in how my curls reacted to my products. Plus it cuts your getting ready time in half!



I cannot stress this enough. I have walked outside with slightly damp hair and it FROZE. Since then I diffuse religiously. I recommend giving yourself a little more time in the morning that way you can diffuse while getting ready. For instance, I will style my hair then let it begin to air dry for about 15 minutes, then diffuse for about 5 minutes, then begin my make-up and when I’m done I'll diffuse again for another 5-10 minutes and once I’m ready to walk out I’ll do one more round of diffusing before I go.  


5. Go for a Protective Style

There is a plethora of cute, stylish protective styles to choose from. You can never go wrong with adding a little length with box braids, or trying out some colorful faux locs. With all the styles to try you're options are endless and you can even save money on product considering these styles can last up to 4 weeks!


6. Deep Condition

Lastly deep condition regularly! If I haven't engrained the importance of hydration yet here it is one more time. The lack of moisture in the air means your hair is about to be seriously thirsty. You can use the previously stated Aussie 3-minute Miracle as a deep conditioner or if you're feeling splurgy the Shea Moistures High Porosity Moisture Seal Masque which is around ($11-12) Use this twice a week and I promise you won’t regret it!