Your Weekend Jam: Grace Weber

Attention Space Royalty: Are you ready to Jam?


Grace SpaceWeber is a Grammy Award winning recording artist who grew up in Milwaukee, and she is hitting the music scene in a cosmic way. Growing up singing in the Central City Youth Gospel Choir and eventually performing at The Apollo, she has a multitude of influences that are reflected in her sound. A mix of R&B and soul with the upbeat boundlessness of pop indie, her music features her incredible vocal work along with chill guitar cuts and artfully crafted beats. Signed with Big Mouth Records, she is currently working on her first full length studio album and has just released two new additional tracks as a gift to her fans.


Her two new songs, so solitaryand space jam,are as laid-back as they are rich with emotion. Graces lyrics often share the ups, downs, and bliss of falling in love, and her production is reminiscent of classic 90s love songs with modern-day sensibility. Both songs feature album artwork by two Columbia students, Amanda Ba (Columbia College, IG: @amandapandaba) and Beatrice Lintner (Barnard College, IG: @art_by_beatrice). Grace has been working with a group of Barnard students who have been promoting her music, helping grow her fanbase, and recruiting artists. In the past, Grace has worked with Chance the Rapper, has started her own non-profit titled The Music Lab, and is currently on tourannouncing not too long ago that she will be at Lollapalooza. More than up-and-coming artist, Grace Weber is truly blasting off be ready to hear her name A LOT soon.


You can stream Graces music on Spotify:

She will also be coming to Brooklyn Steel with Thirdstory on April 14th, 2018: