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Your BBF (Bi Best Friend): Queer Spring Break Guide

Sure, we just got hit by some unexpected snow here in NYC, but now that we’re on the brink of midterms season that can only mean one thing: Spring break is right around the corner! I’m positive that winter gays exist, but many of us can’t wait to thrive in warmer weather and soak up some sun (CMBYN, anyone?). Although a trip to Northern Italy and lounging in the tall grasses reading classics sounds like the dream, it’s probably not very feasible. Nevertheless, there are plenty of ways to enjoy a super fun and super queer spring break.

Visit a city with incredible history

From San Francisco to right here in New York, the U.S. is filled with dozens of cities with rich queer histories. You can create your own gay-tinerary exploring bars like Stonewall, walking through neighborhoods like Seattle’s Capitol Hill, and learning more about how LGBTQ+ and QPOC shaped the spaces you visit. This is also a great chance to check out and support gay-owned restaurants and other establishments across the country. Road trip, anyone?

Party destinations

So maybe you’re looking for a ~spicier~ gaycation, and you have too many airline miles that you know what to do with (wish I could relate)—there are countless destinations that people have identified as “gay destinations” over the years. Fire Island, Mykonos, Rio, Cancun, Ibiza, Palm Springs, where “Dinah Shore Weekend” takes place, and Las Vegas, where that adorable proposal commercial took place, are just a few. While many of these sites may be for older folks, they could still be interesting places to check out, to down a couple of margaritas in, and to get absolutely wild.

Consume ALL the queer media

For the large chunk of us who can’t pack up and leave for Greece for seven days mid-semester, the Staycation route is absolutely valid. Spring break is an awesome time to binge all of the books, movies, and shows you now have the time to consume. You could go tragic gay love story in the film Blue is the Warmest Color or upbeat films like Touch of Pink. Shows with queer story lines include Sex Education, Black Mirror, One Day at a Time (season 3 out now!), and, a guilty pleasure, The L Word. Now that you have the hours to read for fun, check out some queer authors and novels as well (Giovanni’s Room, The Argonauts, and The Black Tides of Heaven are just a few to get started). Make some fun queer playlists to bring these stories to life!

Check out Local queer spots

If you’re going home this break, there may be awesome places to check out right outside your door filled with rich history. Take a look online to research important sites, events that took place, and queer icons who lived/took action around where you live.

Unwind and self-care

This could mean anything! Catching up on sleep, spending time with a partner, taking some time to write, pursuing new hobbies, taking lots of therapeutic baths, going on hikes or walks, having a game night or queer trivia tournament with friends…you deserve time to unwind! Take time for yourself this spring break.

Let’s Spring “Break Free” this 2019!

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