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Why You Should Start Watching ‘Money Heist’

A month into quarantine, I started to become invested in different Netflix shows. One of my best friends introduced me to what is probably the best show I’ve ever seen: La Casa de Papel, or in English, Money Heist. The show revolves around a group of professional thieves who orchestrate a heist to steal and print millions from the Royal Mint of Spain under the directions of their mastermind Professor. Their ingenious plan is put to the test when the hostages start to rebel and when the authorities start to trace, all while led by their best inspector.

As complications arise, this TV series gets more and more exciting. I’m done with the first two seasons, and I can say with confidence that this is my favorite — and the most underrated — show on Netflix. If you haven’t seen it, I’d suggest that you open Netflix and get at it. These are my top three reasons why you should start watching Money Heist.

The pacing of the events is perfect

Something that has dissuaded me from watching the entirety of other shows in the past has been the pacing Very often, I’ve seen shows which dwell on something for too long, or focus on the side plots far too much. But Money Heist is perfectly configured.

The screen time for the main plot and the side plots are exactly right, and they combine at the appropriate times. The heist runs along well, and although they are stuck within the Royal Mint of Spain, so much happened between the hostages and the thieves. The same goes for what is happening outside of the heist between the Professor and the inspector. The show moves along in a way that keeps you interested.

It keeps you at the edge of your seat every moment

The amount of plot twists in this show honestly has me at the edge of my seat from start to finish. Although the Professor has devised a brilliant plan with every possible outcome in mind, complications arise and there’s constantly something that threatens the brilliant plan. The hostages begin to rebel and make it more difficult for the thieves to execute the heist endangering themselves and the thieves. The detective tracks down the Professor while he frantically covers his tracks, producing an intense game of cat-and-mouse.

The game aspect of this show is exciting and thrilling; it has me constantly clicking the “Next Episode” button.

There’s depth to everyone’s story

One of the rules the Professor sets for his accomplices is that they should not share with each other who they are. Of course, rules are meant to be broken, and we learn a little bit about each character as the show progresses. We learn about their motives, their desires, and the million dollar question, “What are you going to do when we get out of this heist?”

The narrator of the show, Tokyo, is a thief who joined the Professor’s heist after she lost her boyfriend in a failed attempt to rob a bank. She struggles with the fact that she endangers people wherever she goes, which presents a conflict for her love interest and partner in the heist, Rio.

There are many complex relationships in this show, and love is another driving force for each character. It’s interesting to see how their actions and decisions are influenced by their motives. Overall, this component adds to how well-made this show is.

Of course, there are so many other aspects of this show that I love. The A+ acting, the set designs, and the well-developed plot are all reasons why you should watch this show. Money Heist really keeps you invested in the heist, and it is definitely worth the watch. I’ll let you know about Season 3 and 4 when I finish them!

Izabella Lizarazo

Columbia Barnard '24

Izabella is a freshman at Barnard College, often found listening and/or singing along to show tunes or Latin jazz. She's a fan of journaling, organizing, and writing. She is almost always available to go out and talk over a bubble tea or ice cream with friends. Although she is undecided on what her college major will be, Izabella is interested in history, politics, literature, and Spanish and Latin American cultures.
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