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Why You Need to Go Apple Picking this Fall

We all know the feeling; with midterms crushing your soul and homesickness making its triumphant return, you just want to get away from it all. Never fear! Apple-picking has the power to restore you! At least until that next exam…  Here are 5 reasons why it’s a fab idea!

  1. It’s such a great way to relax!
    When your hardest decision revolves around which apple is bigger, brighter, or juicier, it’s hard to stress about your midterms. Focusing on something fun without long-lasting, stressful consequences is a great way to distance yourself from the pressure of being on top of everything, all the time.

  2. Bonding time!
    Bringing a few friends along is a way to create lovely memories that will stand out because apple-picking is a completely different activity from anything else in the city. Taste-testing, getting lost in corn mazes, and choosing pumpkins are all much more fun with your buddies. Plus, you can take some great pictures, and there’s more people to pass the super-heavy apple bag to when your arms get tired.

  3. Speaking of taste-testing…
    be prepared to eat delectable fruits all day long! There are more types of apple than you can imagine, and you’ll eat your fill trying to distinguish between them while picking. And when you get home, there are SO MANY Apple recipes out there. Apple pie, apple muffins, apple monkey bread, baked apples, apple cobbler, apple cake, apple crisp, apple cider… the list goes on. Plus, you picked them- you’ll basically have made everything from scratch!

  4. Getting out into nature…
    is, itself, a worthy reason to go picking. Breathing fresh air, seeing the hills and the trees all changing color, and spotting wildlife (that’s not a rat! What?!?) will all invigorate you during this stressful time. Stretching your legs and arms (those apples seriously get heavy) in an orchard will give you a new appreciation for New York and for your food. It’s calming and inspiring, all at once.

  5. Finally, apple-picking can inspire a sense of happiness and fun…
    that will linger for at least a day after you get back. Spending time with your friends, eating good food, and traipsing around outdoors will seriously do wonders for your mood and outlook, at least until you spend another all-nighter in Butler. It’s kind of hard to come by genuine joy on this campus, so take advantage of it while you can and live your life!

So, go! Get a group together, plan a day, and hop on a train or bus. It’ll be worth it, just try it and see.


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