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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Columbia Barnard chapter.

Congrats collegiettes! You’ve almost survived finals week, which means it’s time to celebrate the end of another successful(?) year. At the very least, we can say goodbye to school and stress for the time being, and enjoy life for the next three months. The best way to kick off the summer? TREAT YOSELF. You desrve it, so why the hell not.


1. Have a girls’ night out

This one’s obvious, but imperative. Go somewhere you can enjoy the weather! Start out the evening with cocktails on the highline, then move to the Standard’s Biergarten nearby (it starts out quiet and casual, but it can get pretty raucous by like 11), and end at a nearby club like Avenue, P-HD, or Gansevoort!


2. Or a girls’ night in

Grab Chinese takeout, all your favorite sweets and treats from Dylan’s Candy Bar, and a whole lot of wine (recommendation: Andre Strawberry Champagne for $7 a bottle, so you can each have your own #noragrets), and gush about your years, your summers, and everything else you’ve been too busy to talk about. Bonus points if you wear clay masks and paint your nails, because like duh! 


3. Have some “me” time

Take a day to do all your favorite things – alone. Love to read but never have the time? Sit down with your favorite book. Wish you could go for a nice long run? Now’s your chance to jog through the park! “Me” time is especially successful post-finals because there’s nothing gnawing on your conscience or stress in the back of your mind. Pure bliss. My ideal me day is hitting the West Village for some thrift shopping, grabbing an iced coffee from my favorite cafe, and sitting in Washington Square park with a copy of the New Yorker.


4. Go to the beach

It may sound like a stretch, but Rockaway beach is only a subway ride away (albeit 1.5 hours), or if you take NJ Transit from Penn Station you could hit the Jersey shores in no time. If you get a group of friends and go early, it’s totally worth it.


5. Do some spring cleaning

Nothing feels better than getting rid of things you don’t need and starting fresh. And you’ll have to pack up your stuff anyway, so why not! Get some friends together and decide what you can finally clear out of your closet. Plus, posting it on the Buy, Sell, Trade Facebook group is a great way to make some quick cash.

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Sofia Lyons

Columbia Barnard

I'm a first year student at Barnard and aspiring fashion journalist, hoping to bring my fellow collegiettes some style tips & info about upcoming trends! I also love singing/songwriting, dancing, event planning, community service, eating good food, and exploring NYC.