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Whether or not you have romantic plans for Valentine’s Day, the holiday is still the perfect opportunity to try out new (and perhaps seasonally-appropriate) makeup looks. Here are a few of our favorites (and spins on old classics) you can give a go!


Berry lips

Red lips are lovely, but why not go a route less traveled (but equally romantic)? We love berry lipsticks for the big day or night.


Gold shimmer shadow

Too much here is definitely too much, but a touch of shimmery gold shadow can light up your face.


Hair up!

Draw even more attention to your face and bone structure by pulling your hair back – and a fast updo or pony can look good quickly with a just little styling!


False eyelashes

For those of us who like a little more glamour: false eyelashes instantly dress up your makeup.


Special cat-eye eyeliner

Try a new twist on an old favorite with a double-tailed cateye (probably best for the more experienced).

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