Transitioning Summer Wardrobes to Fall

As fall quickly approaches, we instinctively reach for our jeans, cardigans, and scarves, leaving us in deep withdrawal from our summer regalia. If you’re anything like us, you’ll want to keep that summer vibe alive for as long as the weather permits. “How do I do this?” you ask. Fear not, we have the answers for you. Here’s how to incorporate your favorite summer trends into your fall wardrobe:

1) The off-the-shoulder-top:

Keep warm in an off-the shoulder top- in sweater form!


2) White Sneakers:

Instead of wearing your white sneaks with shorts, pair them with jeans, a sweater and a long overcoat.


3) Nice Shorts:

Those shorts that were so nice that you wore them to your summer internship? Wear them with tights and heeled booties, and you’re set to go.

4) Denim Skirt:

Sure, your denim skirt looked cute with sandals and a tank top, but it can look just as good with a sweater and sneakers.

5) Overalls:

Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you can’t wear overalls! Layer a long sleeved shirt underneath that denim for a look that’s just as cozy at it is cute. Feel free to add a jacket if it’s extra chilly outside.