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Top 5 rom-com series set in New York City

two broke girls

Caught between their fledging cupcake business, the diner that they work at, waitresses Max and Caroline dominate Williamsburg, at least on the silver screen. This albeit raunchy black comedy series revolves around the eponymous 2 broke girls, digging themselves out of debt and reaching for their shared dream of being successful business owners, at all costs.


After ditching her wedding to boring Barry, main character Rachel finds herself falling into the company of her childhood best friend, Monica, her brother Ross, as well as other members of their tight knit social circle, Joey, Phoebe and Chandler. The series charts the romantic developments between the 6 Friends that erupt in moments of unbelievable hilarity.

sex and the city

Sex columnist, Carrie Bradshaw chronicles in detail her foray into the contested dating scene of urban Manhattan. In the process, she also draws upon the unraveling drama experienced by three of her fabulously single best friends, who like her, find themselves love interests to an inordinate number of dashing beaus.


Suave and charming mystery writer, Rick Castle, finds himself caught in the romantic crosshairs of NYPD detective, Kate Beckett. Together with their colleagues at the fictional 12th precinct, they solve murders scattered across the map of Manhattan.

brooklyn nine nine

Boasting a stellar ensemble cast led by Andy Samberg playing Detective Jake Peralta, Brooklyn 99 plays out the fascinating and boisterous dynamics between different members of the 99th precinct. Jake’s budding romance with fellow detective Amy and heartwarming relationship with the deadpan Captain Holt are just two of many plotlines developed across 8 solid seasons.

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