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These 4 Cookie Recipes Are the Cure to Your Quarantine Qualms

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Columbia Barnard chapter.

During quarantine, those who were not deemed essential workers were forced to stay inside their homes for months on end, searching for things to do with their time. When sleep schedules became messed up, COVID-19 became a reality, and the streets became empty, people turned to their kitchens to such an extent that there was a yeast shortage around the United States. 

Now, phases past the gloom of phase one, Americans are still confined to the struggles of social distancing. While staying safe in your homes, consider making some of these cookies to make the yeast shortage a baking soda shortage instead.

Black and white cookies

First on the list are a New York classic: black and white cookies. Since we cannot be on campus, this is one of the closest ways we can get to the city we all call home. The contrast between the vanilla and chocolate frosting also captures the bittersweet nature of quarantine. 

Sally’s Baking Addiction, a food blogger who is known for her brilliant recipes, published the black and white cookie recipe I hold closest to my heart. Although frosting them can be difficult, it is worth it in the end for the cakey cookies and decadent flavor.

Chewy chocolate crinkle cookies

The next cookies are chewy chocolate crinkle cookies. These cookies may seem like a winter holiday treat, but they are tasty at all times of the year. Their chewy inside and powdered sugar-dusted outside are a perfect combination of the deep chocolate and sugary-sweet flavors. 

The recipe by Savory Nothings is the cookie for those who love chocolate and could never settle for something without it. Make sure to cover the cookies completely in powdered sugar to achieve that quaint, snow-covered appearance.

S’mores cookies

As an adieu to summer, we can usher in the socially distanced school year with s’mores cookies. These cookies are nothing less than addicting. By putting graham crackers into the batter itself, they capture every essential flavor in a s’more. Topped with each element of a s’more, these cookies are visually appealing too, so you can impress your friends who are staying at home themselves. 

The recipe for these cookies, found on Baker By Nature, are the best s’mores cookies on the internet. They capture the ratio of graham cracker to chocolate to marshmallow to cookie that makes the treat a mirage of summer. One can even make it a cookie cake by putting it in an 8-inch cake pan or Pyrex and baking it for 10 to 13 minutes. 

Peanut butter explosion cookies

When our brains are driving us extremely nutty, we can turn to my own creation: peanut butter explosion cookies. These cookies may cause a heart attack, but they are definitely worth it. With the base of the Nestle Toll House chocolate chip cookie dough recipe, the extra ingredients transform the cookies into a peanut butter lover’s heaven. 

To make these cookies, add ¾ cups of peanut butter into the batter after the eggs have been added to make the peanut base. Then, after completing the dough, add peanut butter chips, Reese’s pieces, and mini peanut butter cups to the dough as you add the chocolate chips. This will give the cookies the blast of peanut butter flavor. Finally, when rolling the cookies into balls, put a mini peanut butter cup in the middle of the ball. When baked, the peanut butter explosion will begin. For an extra photogenic step, top the cookies with the peanut butter ingredients.

Although it may seem like the threat of COVID is decreasing, wear your mask and social distance so making these cookies will not be the only thing keeping you sane. Mental health is important, but cookies are always a good way to bring you the warmth of humanity.

Bella Druckman

Columbia Barnard '24

Hi! My name is Bella Druckman, and I am a freshman at Barnard majoring in English and Human Rights. I’m from Chicago, but love the big city of New York. I love to bake - especially cookies - and share those goodies with my friends. When I’m not taking photos, or crafting, you can find me fighting for social justice or spreading my kindness through the world.