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Style Profile: Inga Norell

Name: Inga Norell

School, Year: Barnard, Junior

Major: American Studies (Politics), Chem and Art History minors

Hometown: NYC

What is your most worn accessory and/or article of clothing? My dad found this bronze age pendant while we were hiking in Mongolia that I wear around my neck now. I also wear my Tevas an inappropriate amount.

Where do you like to shop? All Saints and Acne can have my soul, but I also go to A Current Affair every year to spend my life’s savings on denim and fur. 

Where do you get your fashion inspiration? The Church of Saint Pablo, but I’ve been very into primary colors as of late.

How has your style changed since coming to Columbia/Barnard? It’s definitely made me more particular in curating my wardrobe. I try to buy more consciously after working for a designer specializing in sustainable clothing (zero waste pattern making, manufactured in NYC, ethically sourced materials, etc.), so I try to cut down on waste by looking for investment pieces, buying vintage, or from designers who produce domestically and are conscious of their fabrics.

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