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Style Profile: Hannah Yoo

Name: Hannah Yoo

School, Year: Barnard 2019

Major: Economics and Mathematical Sciences

Hometown: River Vale, New Jersey

What is your most worn accessory and/or article of clothing?

My most worn article clothing is my bomber jacket that has ‘Whatever’ embroidered on the back and my most worn accessory are probably my sunglasses that my boss at Elle gifted me!

Where do you like to shop?

I like shopping at a bunch of smaller stores in the SoHo area, but also love a good Zara or Free People buy! I don’t really have a favorite store, but I love stores that make shopping a great and personable experience instead of a stressful situation with (what seems like) a hundred people in line for the two dressing rooms available.

Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

I get my fashion inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram, but also, from other students at Barnard, Columbia, and greater NYC area. Everyone has such unique styles, so it really helps me form my own definition of fashion for myself.

How has your style changed since coming to Columbia/Barnard?

I wear a lot a more black clothing since coming to New York City. It occurred to me when I received an online shopping package and I was showing my roommate what I had bought that every single article of clothing or accessory was black! But overall, being in New York City has helped me be more experimental and fearless with my clothing choices.

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