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Style Profile: Daisy Cheng

Name: Daisy Miranda Cheng

School, Year: Columbia College 2018

Major: Art History and Visual Arts dual major

Hometown: Born and grew up in the US, went to high school in hong kong (it’s complicated lol).

What is your most worn accessory and/or article of clothing? 

Black Nike Roshes, black turtleneck tops, and pretty much anything black.

Where do you like to shop? 

Anywhere where I see something I like, but a lot of Zara and sometimes H&M for basics.

Where do you get your fashion inspiration? 

People I see on the street and window shopping! I don’t actually follow fashion blogs or read fashion magazines; I like the idea of retaining my style and letting it develop organically. Also, I don’t really have a distinct style. I’d say it’s always changing.

How has your style changed since coming to Columbia/Barnard?

I think i’ve come to value minimalism, texture/quality, and shape more. Not that I didn’t care about these things before, but i’m definitely pickier and am reluctant to purchase something unless it really stands out to me. And to be honest, I’ve gotten a little lazier at times, so it’s always great when I find cool and comfy clothes.

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