Style Profile: Ariella Hohl


Name: Ariella Hohl

School, Year: Columbia University GS 2017

Major: Middle Eastern Studies

Hometown: São Paulo, Brazil

What is your most worn accessory and/or article of clothing? 

My grandmother's graduation ring and ridiculously large hoops.

Where do you like to shop? 

Vintage and local stores I find while traveling, occasionally paired with my online shopping addiction. 

Where do you get your fashion inspiration? 

I like to get a new statement piece every now and then and spend some time browsing pinterest and instagram looking for different creative ways to wear it. I also look up to strong women like Ashley Graham, Rihanna and the Brazilian singer Anitta, my muse/spirit animal.

How has your style changed since coming to Columbia/Barnard?

I think I can count on one hand how many non-black articles of clothing I have bought since I moved to NYC. Oh, and comfortable shoes - back home in Brazil, I used to be known for wearing heels even to the supermarket. Now you will most likely find me at a warehouse party in Bushwick rocking a pair of golden platform sneakers.