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Spring Break Essentials

It’s midterm season, and you know what that means – we are so close to finally getting a vacation! Although some may be staying in the icy city, and others returning to whatever part of the country they came from, the lucky ones are off to some tropical location to melt away the stress of exams. Not sure what to pack? Here’s a guide to all the essentials of a spring break beach vacay!

A versatile cover up

When you’re not showing off your rockin’ bod in your fav swimsuit, you need the perfect cover up to protect your skin and still look put-together when you hit the hotel bar or the beach-front shops. I’d recommend a neutral color like black or white, because you can throw it over anything and pair with whatever bag or jewelry you happen to have that day.


A sun hat

Really just any hat will do — a baseball cap, a fedora — but I’m a personal fan of the floppy sunhat. It’s super cute, protects your face like no other and you can fold the edge over your eyes while you tan.



For those of you who don’t know, these are the things you attach to your sunglasses to hold them on your head or around your neck. Take it from someone who has lost countless pairs of sunglasses in the ocean or the lake — you need these.


A day-to-night outfit

This is absolutely essential, because you probably have limited room to pack all the outfits you want, and it also makes it easier transition from the beach to the club with a simple jewelry change. I would recommend a cute romper that looks great on it’s own with flip flop, but is still super hot with heels and jewelry.


Waterproof headphones & phone case

Idk about you, but I love to listen to music while I lay on the beach and hate having to put my phone in a plastic bag / constantly check to make sure my headphones are dry. Instead, get a waterproof phone case and wireless waterproof earbuds.


The perfect beach bag – filled with the essentials

Listen up, because this is the most important part. There is nothing worse than getting to the beach and realizing you forgot something! Here’s the key items for a perfect beach bag.

  1. A towel, swimsuit, hat, sunglasses – obvi. These ones are easy.
  2. SUNSCREEN. I recommend a spray for the body (Banana Boat), and a thick cream for the face (Neutrogena has great face sunscreen!)
  3. Chapstick! The sun dries out your lips for real, so try one with SPF as well.
  4. A little spray bottle filled with water. This one is weird but perfect when you’re overheated and can quickly mist yourself off.
  5. Waterproof mascara –This one is great to have around in case you see any cute guys. Call me old fashioned, but I try to look semi put-together when there’s a possibility of a hot beach hookup.
  6. After sun lotion – Hemp lotion is great to put on right after you head in. It’s v hydrating and also helps keep your tan for longer!
  7. A water bottle– Because the sun is hot and you will get thirsty
  8. On that note, a snack – because you will also get hungry. KIND granola bars recommended bc they’re really filling but don’t take up much space
  9. A camera! You’ll want to capture all the amazing moments
  10. Hair detangling spray. The salt water wrecks my hair, it’s literally so gross! Spray with detangler as soon as you get out of the ocean and your hair will look shiny and nice all day! I recommend Not Your Mother’s “Knotty to Nice,” because it’s infused with Brazilian Keratin and it smells awesome.
  11. A great book – don’t forget to read stuff you actually like while you have time!



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