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Sarah Fels: Bon Voyage to the Her Campus Queen

For our final Campus Cutie of the semester, we’re featuring our very own co-EIC, Sarah Fels, to bid her bon voyage before her early graduation.

The Basics

Name: Sarah Fels

School and Year: Barnard College Senior Citizen 

Major: Psychology; Minor: Art History 

Campus Activities: I’ve dabbled in a little bit of everything—student government, trying every salad dressing on the UWS, Greek life, maintaining a perfect manicure, and HER CAMPUS BARNARD!!

This is what makes Sarah Fels unique…

What would your DJ name be? Most definitely Sarahgogirl.

Most notable Selfie pose (please provide evidence): I provide a mixture of nonsensical wit and casual betchiness.

Hidden talent: You’ll have to find out ;)  

Favorite txt abbrevs: I just learned what tfw means and all I can say is watch out…

Sarah’s Aspirations in Life

Which Victoria Secret angel do you identify with the most with? I squad up with Gigi and Kendall, but I’m a no nonsense girl, so I’d have to put them to the test.

Give us a Blair Waldorf quote that speaks to you: I’m not a stop along the way; I’m a destination.

Tell us a celebrity couple that you think deserves the insta caption #goals: Do spicy tuna and uni sashimi count?

Alterego aka Froyonails:

Tells us about your Instagram Froyonails: I made it as a freshman! I followed all of my friends. Then I came to school the next day and they were like “lol is this you” and I was like “yep.”

Why did you start it? Spontaneity: I was younger, wore less, and went out more.

What is your favorite meal on there? I am the least picky eater in the world, so you can see why this question is hard for me.

After all of this, don’t you just wanna win a date with Sarah Fels:

So tell us, are you single? Thickly

What gets a swipe right? It depends if they listed their height or not

What is the best pick up line you’ve heard from a Columbia boy? I would need to scroll back in my texts at least to sophomore year to answer this question.

What turns you off the most? Being average, being a picky eater, and not wearing your retainer

How can a Columbia boy reach you when you are no longer on campus next semester? Wait, is the UES a different time zone?

Sarah’s walk down memory lane:

Favorite Campus Memory: Straight chillin’ with my girlies

Favorite study spot: Wherever my crew be

Most embarrassing moment during your time at Columbia: I never find anything too embarrassing. That being said, sometimes I do get embarrassed with how long it takes me to decide if I want my dressing on the salad or on the side.

Best Campus Cutie article that you’ve read during your time at Columbia: We wouldn’t be Her Campus Barnard without each and every one our cuties! I love you all; don’t ever change.

Worst thing you have witnessed in Cannons: I’m afraid of Cannons.

Au Revoir Sarah Fels:

What is still on your Columbia bucket list, and how do you manage to accomplish this with less than a week left of the semester? Wow, I have to get moving.

What advice do you have for freshman? Always tell your family and friends that you love them. Don’t be afraid to say thank you, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Any last words you have for the Columbia community before you leave here? Ladies…no scrubs.

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Columbia Barnard

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