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Quiz: Which Diana Center Late Night Entree Are You?



Anyone who goes to Barnard knows that Diana Center Café Dinner is in itself an institution. A plethora of tasty options is all yours for just one (1) meal swipe, which includes an entree and two sides. If there were only four kinds of people, they could be broken down based on the main dishes at Diana - which one are you?


1. What clubs/activities are you part of:

A. Performing Arts

B. Greek Life

C. Writing (Spec, Bulletin, etc.)

D. Sports


2. On a Friday night, you are usually:

A. Going to a Show

B. Bar-Hopping or Partying

C. Studying

D. Working out


3. Describe your personal style:

A. Thrifty and Trendy

B. Preppy

C. Comfy & Cozy

D. Athleisure


4. How do you spend your free time:

A. Visiting Must-See Exhibits

B. Shopping

C. Chilling at home

D. Hanging out with friends


5. What was your favorite movie of 2017:

A. Ladybird

B. Wonder Woman

C. Call Me By Your Name

D. Battle of the Sexes


6. Favorite Morningside Heights Spots: 

A. Joe’s, for a quick cup between classes

B. Oasis, worth the walk for the juice

C. Kitchenette, for the classic diner vibes

D. Sweetgreen, and you've tried every bowl


7. Favorite Barnard event:

A. Varsity Show

B. Founder's Day

C. Midnight Breakfast

D. Barnard Greek Games​


8. You just found out Martha Stewart is coming to Barnard, are you going:

A. Maybe, if my friends go

B. Hell yes!

C. Probably not, but i will be at home trying out her winter soup recipes​

D. I'm running the event, and that's a Good Thing™


If you got mostly As, you are a Grill Item.

The grill items, from chicken sandwiches to veggie burgers, at Diana Center Café are fast, yummy, and are so amazing they rarely stay for long. Your schedule may be packed, and you may always be on the move, but when you do make an appearance you’re a show-stopper. Just as a sandwich isn’t complete without fries, you always have your squad by your side.


If you got mostly Bs, you are a Smoothie.

You are a boundary-breaker, redefining what it means to be an “entree.” Bright and full of energy, you invigorate everyone you meet, and people are literally lining up to hang out with you. You love Barnard/Columbia and everything that makes it special, especially the smoothie bar, and you can be found taking part in various campus traditions.


If you got mostly Cs, you are a Large Soup.

Everyday, you provide something new, wholesome, and comforting to the menu. You emanate warmth everywhere you go and are always there for your friends, especially on their worst days. People simply cannot get enough of you and your caring personality, which is why there’s an option to add a side order of a small soup with a large one. Outside of class and your dorm, you can be found working on your screenplay in a nearby coffee shop.


If you got mostly Ds, you are a Large Salad.

Adaptable and versatile, you know how to make the most of what you have - life is literally your salad bowl. You stay powered-up with a balanced, active lifestyle, have a well-curated, inspirational, and delectable Instagram feed, and everyone is always impressed with how much you have going on.

Julia Tache

Columbia Barnard '19

Surviving the big city through caffeine.
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