My 2020 Resolutions

New year! New decade! ... New me?! I’ve never been a huge fan of resolutions. I think it’s silly to put so much pressure on becoming a whole new person on January 1. However, at the beginning of 2019, I reflected on my mistakes of 2018 and then formulated my intentions for the new year. Going in with a positive mindset helped me experience my best year yet. Even during the best of times, though, there is always room to grow. After reflecting on 2019, here are some goals I hope to accomplish in 2020.

  1. 1. Stop taking on more than I can handle.

    In 2019, I learned that I thrive on being busy. I am at my happiest when I have assignments to work on, extracurriculars to help out with, and lots of plans to hang with friends. As much as being busy is motivating, I also have a pattern of over-involving myself to the point that I don’t prioritize taking care of myself. I oftentimes get too emotionally invested and end up saying yes to too many responsibilities. In 2020, I hope to stay busy but also eliminate unnecessary stressors that I don’t need to take on.

  2. 2. Be attentive to gut instincts.

    Life is full of surprises, but also predictable in many ways. Over the years, I’ve realized that friendships/relationships always end for a reason I noticed early on, but chose to ignore as being an issue. I’m sure 2020 will bring in new characters into my life, and I hope to be more in tune with my gut feelings on people and situations.

  3. 3. Eliminate tendencies to self-blame.

    Whenever a scenario does not go as planned, I am often quick to look inward as to what I did to contribute to the outcome of the situation. In many ways, being reflective helps me to call out my own mistakes and realize what I need to do in order to improve myself. At the same time, though, I can self-blame to an extreme and then feel guilty about a scenario that was in fact out of my control. Anyone close to me has probably at some point told me to stop overanalyzing. In 2020, I hope to not dwell on things as much and forgive myself for my mistakes.

  4. 4. Be open and adventurous.

    For most of my life, I’ve always played it pretty safe. I’m a big rule follower naturally, and I can get stuck in my own routine. In 2019, though, I started stepping outside my comfort zone and saying yes to new experiences. The YOLO mentality, some might call it. I hope to continue that adventurous spirit in 2020!

  5. 5. Prioritize health and happiness.

    For most of my teen years, I struggled with chronic migraines, and the illness took over my life. 2019 was the first year in a long time where I felt healthy again and didn’t have an illness standing in my way of pursuing all the things that make me happy. Health and happiness are what matters most in life; I hope to keep a positive attitude in 2020 and not get hung up over the little things that ultimately do not matter.