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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Columbia Barnard chapter.

Planning on spending all day (or night) in Butler? Here’s what to pack before you leave the house!

1. A Snack

I recommend something that gives you energy, but is healthy and quick to eat like a granola bar, fruit leather, yogurt shake/Naked Juice, and a banana or other piece of fruit!


2. Iced Coffee or Tea

This is easily accessible at Butler cafe, but tbh Oren’s or Joe’s iced lattes are the magical secret to alertness – they’re strong and delicious. You can have hot coffee if you like, but I prefer iced because hot drinks make me inexplicably sleepy (yes, even coffee.)


3. Index Cards/Flashcards

Even if you don’t think you need these, you need these. The best way to study is to take a quick break from what you’re working on every so often and divide your time between topics; in my experience, a great way to take a break from writing a research paper is to spend half an hour or so making/studying flashcards for another class – it really wakes your brain up!


4. All necessary chargers

To avoid walking all the way back home every time something loses battery…


5. Hair ties

For when it’s time to buckle down and pull your hair out of your face – on the offchance you need one, you’ll be glad you have it


6. A water bottle

Keep hydrated! Plus getting up to go to the bathroom every so often will keep you awake and alert.


7. Lots of paper, pens and pencils

Another thing that seems simple but is easy to forget


8. Tampons/Pads

Just in case! Plus it’s a great feeling when you can help out a homie stranded in Butler without one


9. Oil removing wipes

Keep your face refreshed while you’re working – it can get pretty stuffy in certain study rooms, and we have a tendency to touch our faces/hairlines while we read


10. Roll-on perfume/baby wipes

Sitting in the same spot for hours can have an.. uh.. negative effect on your fragrance. Baby Wipes are a good idea because they’re cool and wake you up!


11. Chapstick

Nothing is more distracting to me than when I have dry, chapped lips – this is just another thing you won’t have to worry about later.


12. Headphones

If you listen to music while you study, or want a Youtube-video break, this is a must. Pair with a good, energizing but non-repetitive study playlist!


13. Chewing Gum

After the initial and necessary snack I mentioned, gum can keep you from mindlessly munching while you study, which is distracting and a waste of time unless you’re actually hungry (I, for one, tend to stress-eat like crazy…)


14. Aspirin or Advil

For those stress-induced headaches or lower back pain from sitting still for so long


15. A USB

Because you never know what you’ll have to print, save, or scan

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Columbia Barnard

I'm a first year student at Barnard and aspiring fashion journalist, hoping to bring my fellow collegiettes some style tips & info about upcoming trends! I also love singing/songwriting, dancing, event planning, community service, eating good food, and exploring NYC.