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Meet President of AKPsi and Founder of Tech Trek, Margaux Charmey!


1. Tell me a little about yourself. What are you favorite hobbies and interests?

I love to travel and discover new places with my family and friends. My favorite TV show is Friends, and I am pretty sure I can recite every line. Also I am a Chipotle addict…


2. Congrats on making it to senior year! What is one thing you hope to do before you graduate? 

Ever since I heard that one can access Butler roof, it has been on my college bucket list, and overall, I hope to enjoy every minute of this year before starting work in June. 


3. Looking back on your time at Barnard, what advice would you give to your freshman self? 

Don’t waste time on the little things. Four years sounds like a long time but it goes by very quickly. One grade will not change your entire life and it is more than ok to fail.


4. As the President of Columbia’s Business Fraternity, AKPsi, what are some of your responsibilities? 

I oversee the chapter as an organization and as a community on campus. I am lucky to have a strong executive board that helps run AKPsi on a daily basis. Every semester we recruit new members, plan fundraisers, professional events and workshops. 


5. What are some of your goals for AKPsi as its president? 

I do not have much time left but my goals have always been to foster a sense of community for our members and a strong support group for our professional endeavors. Every week I start chapter by asking members if they have any interviews coming up or if they’ve received any job offers. 


6. What motivated you to join AKPsi, and run for president? 

Pilar Guerra (Class of 2016) was both a member of AKPsi and Delta Gamma and she inspired me to join. In addition, I was inspired to run for President because I greatly admired and respected the previous president Richin Kabra, also Class of 2016. I am so happy that these two people inspired me to join AKPsi because I am certain that AKPsi will support me post-college. 


7. What is your favorite part about AKPsi? 

The diversity in our organization inspires me every day. Not only are members from different backgrounds, in different schools, and pursuing different degrees, everyone in AKPsi has a unique professional interest and passion. I learn something new every week from AKPsi members. 


8. What advice would you give to students looking to get involved in AKPsi? 

Apply! We recruit and host information sessions every semester. Feel free to reach out to us to learn more about what we do and our community. 


9. You are also involved with Columbia’s Chapter of Girls Who Code. Would you mind telling me a little more about this? 

Girls Who Code is a truly inspiring national organization and I am honored to be a part of Columbia’s chapter. My role this past year has been to connect GWC to sponsors and partners and build a strong support network. This semester in particular, I have been trying to plan site visits and talks with our sponsors in order for our students and group members to be exposed to careers in the field. 


10. What inspired you to join Girls Who Code? 

A better question is who!  Jessica Valarezo inspires me everyday regardless of GWC. She founded the Columbia chapter after working for the national organization one summer. Jess has the motivation and will power to make a difference in this world and I am already witnessing the lives she has changed through GWC. 


11. In addition to your involvement with AKPsi and Girls Who Code, you are also an Athena Scholar. Why did you decide to join Athena? 

I actually applied to Barnard because of the Athena Center for Leadership Studies and the Athena Scholars Program, In addition, I wanted to join the program because it is dedicated to building powerful female leaders and engage women in discussions on gender, diversity, female empowerment and much more. I highly recommend becoming an Athena Scholar because it has been an incredible addition to my college experience at a women’s college. 


12. What is your favorite part about being an Athena Scholar? 

Everything. I have loved the leadership labs, the electives, the seminar, Women and Leadership and the Social Action Project. If I had to single out one it would have to be my fellow scholars who, in my opinion, are making a difference in our world and changing the face of leadership. 


13. For your Social Action Project as an Athena Scholar, you created an organization called Tech Trek. What does Tech Trek do? 

Tech Trek seeks to engage and expose young women to what a career in tech looks like. Tech Trek organizes interactive site visits to companies and organizations in NYC that use technology at the core of their business. These site visits are free and there are many coming up in the next few weeks. Sign up! http://www.techtrekk.com/apply/


14. Why did you create Tech Trek? 

Since joining Girls Who Code and working at Citi last summer, I realized that many young women are simply not encouraged to explore a career in STEM. It was when I engaged with professionals in their work environment that I began to see myself in that career field. My hopes are that these site visits will ignite career aspirations in young women. 


15. What has been the most difficult part of creating Tech Trek? 

It was difficult to create the website because I am not as technologically savy as I would like to be. Clearly I could have used Girls Who Code when I was in high school! 


16. What advice would you give to fellow Athena Scholars regarding Social Action Projects? 

This class is not easy and it can become very time consuming, so I would advise everyone to think about their own skills and talents and try to capitalize on that. You should also see this class as a way to start your initiatives since three months is not enough time. Last piece of advice would be to try and partner with another scholar. 



17. What has been your favorite memory at Barnard so far? 

There are way too many, but shout out to Mia and Golnaz for always letting me be their third roommate since freshman year! Oh and my last favorite memory at Barnard will definitely be shaking President Spar’s hand on May 17, 2017 at Barnard’s graduation ceremony. 

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